by Tina Olivero

    Port of Argentia: Serving the world

    You only need to take a site tour with Ray Greene the Marketing Coordinator of the Port of Argentia, to understand the magnitude and depth of what’s happening there.

    Globally strategic and locally connected, this port offers a heavy industrial location for business on the southeastern portion of the Island of Newfoundland, in Placentia Bay.

    Formerly the site of a U.S. Naval Base, Argentia has been redeveloped with a diverse group of port users and tenants involved in marine transportation, manufacturing, information technology, construction, offshore oil, mining and other sectors.

    With a strategic location near the main shipping lanes between North America and Europe, Argentia offers well-maintained infrastructure, a highly skilled local workforce, and significant cost advantages.

    The port supports a multitude of industrial sectors in marine, heavy, oil and gas, research and Information Technology.

    Currently, the port supports:

    Marine Freight: The port users include an international shipping line, Eimskip, connecting Western Europe and Iceland with Argentia, Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Northeastern United States.

    Heavy Industrial: The Northside Industrial Park, surrounds the Port of Argentia Dock Lands, and is a prime location for heavy industrial projects with over 400 hectares of developed flat land ideally suited for fabrication, warehousing and marshalling yards.

    Medium to light industrial: The Southside Industrial Park, a 800-hectare site, offers serviced lots, competitive pricing, broadband Internet connection, government incentives, and close proximity to a year-round marine transportation hub that provides access to North America and European markets.

    Oil and gas: Husky’s White Rose Extension Project (WREP) graving dock is complete on site. With access to Argentia harbour, the graving dock is ready to support the proposed wellhead platform concrete gravity structure (CGS) construction.

    Research and development: Memorial University occupies acreage at the Port of Argentia performing several research projects measuring wind patterns and wave action in Placentia Bay.

    Strategic location & Operations:

    Placentia Bay, is the busiest commercial bay in the province which positions Argentia at the heart of the Newfoundland industrial scene. Argentia terminal has a strategic proximity to major operations in the province:

    125 km from St. John’s, the main industrial and residential hub

    95 km from the North Atlantic Oil Refinery and Offshore Oil Transhipment Facility

    90 km from the Bull Arm Fabrication Facility, which is site for the Hebron mega project

    38 km from Long Harbour and the Vale Inco Hydromet mega project

    Close proximity to all Offshore Oil projects happening in the province

    Marine Atlantic Ferry Service from North Sydney, NS to Argentia

    The Port of Argentia, a premier heavy industrial seaport, that offers the following key features:

    3 km/1.8 mile-long, ice-free harbour, with a wide turning basin

    Over 600 metres/2000 feet of docking facilities with up to 11 metres/36 ft. draught

    Certified by Transport Canada as ISPS compliant

    40 hectares/100 acres of secured port land providing storage

    Large multi-purpose cold storage facility

    Stevedore crews trained in off-loading numerous types of cargo and certified to handle hazardous material, including explosives

    Competitive rates for berthage and wharfage fees

    Pilotage available upon request

    Serves as provincial entry/exit point

    For more information on the Port of Argentia and its state-of-the-art facitlity go to: PortOfArgentia.ca

    Source: PortofArgentia.ca

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