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    Advanced FleetLink Management & Monitoring System

    Atlas Copco

    The FleetLink system from Atlas Copco supports the construction and oil and gas industry. It is offered in two packages, the FleetLink Advanced, intended for large pavers, including asphalt and large soil rollers, up to highway class pavers and the standard FleetLink for small pavers. Both packages are offered free of cost with the purchase of a new Atlas Copco machine and are provided free of charge to customers for the initial three years. Either package comes with access to the web-based fleet management portal, hardware module access and a monthly connection package subscription, which can be extended after the first three years.

    Talking about the new system, Tim Hoffman, the Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment product manager went on to say, “We want to provide our customers with an easy way to monitor and track their fleet and operations. Our innovative FleetLink system takes efficiency and fleet management to a new level to enhance overall productivity.”

    FleetLink can be used on all Atlas Copco small pavers, including the F1200C and is fully compatible with equipment from other manufacturers. Salient features include:

    • Location tracking of the equipment
    This includes features like keeping track of your fleet vehicles at all times to make sure that they are being used productively in its area of operation.

    • Working Hours
    All work related time hours of the each vehicle can be individually monitored. Not only does this keep track of the vehicle’s work performance output, but it also gives the exact time of operation to make sure that the servicing time can be accurately estimated.

    • Application of Geo Fencing for one or all of the equipment
    Each equipment in the fleet is valuable. Geofencing is a technology to make sure it is protected at all times
    The geofencing program can be configured to automatically send messages to a predefined email address in case a machine leaves the designated work area. This allows for tracking of the devices even if they are not logged in.

    Other features include the ability to configure maintenance dates for all of the equipment. This means in case a machine is close to its next service due date; emails can be sent to a designated email account. Contractors can keep their equipment in top shape with this feature. In the advanced maintenance module, contractors can also track the service status of every machine in a connected fleet. This helps plan servicing with more efficiency.

    FleetLink Advanced is fully compatible with all the heavy class rollers from Atlas Copco. This includes:
    • CA1500 to the CA6500
    • Highway class Pavers including the F800T, F1000W, F1000T and the F1000W
    • Asphalt Rollers CC2200 to the CC6200

    Besides all the features from the normal FleetLink, this one also records and monitors each machine’s performance details every minute. This data makes sure that the fleet deployment can be optimised at all times, thus saving time and money. For example, in case a fleet equipment is lying idle, it can be immediately tracked and worked on so as to put it back into service. Not only does this take care of productivity issues, but it also makes sure that each piece of the equipment is in optimum operational capabilities at all times.

    Other features in the Advanced System include in-depth analysis and equipment performance monitoring through:

    • Checking of the Coolant Temperature
    Overheating of the engine would not be a desirable characteristic of any fleet equipment.

    • Travel Time log
    This provides important statistics regarding each equipment’s operational hours and its efficiency in the whole fleet.

    • Load determination
    A high degree of load is not desirable in the case of any of the highly sensitive and expensive fleet equipment, and load determination capabilities help keep this in check.

    • Fuel consumption
    A high degree of fuel consumption is an indication of an inefficient engine. Not only does that eat away into profits, but it also decreases operational output as well.

    All of this data is available to FleetLink Advanced users, who can make use of it for checking of performance issues in variable timeframes. A customizable timeline implies a high degree of productivity through variable operational times. It also ensures optimum usage capabilities which ca be planned in response to changing environment.

    Tina Olivero THE OGM

    Tina Olivero – The OGM

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