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    New range of Epoxy Linings from Hempel

    Hempel, a globally renowned firm in the heavy duty lining industry has recently launched a new variety of heavy duty lining. The new product, from the Hempaline Defend range, is an ideal choice for challenging environments requiring long-term protection. Some areas, as outlined by the company, include heavy duty performance storage areas which need a faster return to service time and consistent uptime.

    The new epoxy lining is based specifically on the oil, power and gas industries and is looking to redefine the context of long-term asset protection. Bulk storage tanks, secondary storage areas, and frac tanks usually have environments related to high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and high abrasion surfaces. Hempaline Defend will be an ideal choice for these areas, according to the official statement.

    Not only that, the Hempaline Defend epoxy linings are even customizable in the sense that the particular type of hardener can be chosen depending on the deployment environment. This would enable the lining vessel to have a decreased downtime of as little as 24 hours since a single coating can restore the performance level.

    According to the Hempel Group Product & Portfolio Director, Pernille Lind Olsen, “In the power and oil & gas industries, equipment downtime can often mean a loss of revenue. Our Hempaline Defend epoxy linings make it simple for customers to select a fast-cure system when shortened downtime is essential.”

    Combined with the Hempaline Defend vinyl ester range that Hempel came out with a few months back, the epoxy lining range forms a complete package for protection and servicing of the industrial surfaces. Moreover, since the two products complement each other, now Hempel has a complete protection scheme covering both internal and external applications in aggressive environments.

    A few of the salient features of the Hempaline Defend epoxy range are as follows:
    • Perfect storage and process container protection against corrosive content and high temperatures
    • On the go servicing single coat build up needing as little as 24 hours of downtime for reprocessing
    • Full solid VOC free solutions with low odour
    • Customizable products with ceramic filled epoxies for abrasion resistant solutions and flake reinforced tank bottoms

    The Hempaline Defend products are currently available in the South East Asian and the Middle Eastern markets, where the availability in the local markets ensures shorter delivery times.

    About Hempel

    Hempel, founded in 1915 is a century old specialist dealing in world class protection and coatings for industrial grade solutions. With a current workforce of over 5,500 employees employed over 80 countries worldwide, they are one of the top providers of protective coverings in the marine, yacht, container and industrial markets. Their clientele includes names like Schaepman, Crown Paints, and Jones-Blair.

    Hempel is fully owned by the Hempel Foundation, a leading supporter of humanitarian, cultural and research opportunities throughout the world. For more information on their line of products, contact them at

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