by Tina Olivero

    Energy Vision to introduce Hybrid Power Systems in Gabon with Felxenclosure’s eSite

    Flexenclosure, a Swedish designer, and a manufacturer of prefabricated modular data centre buildings and environment-friendly hybrid power systems has been chosen to help introduce the eSite power systems for the ICT industry by Energy Vision.

    While Flexenclosure is already a well-established provider of such installations in the sub-Saharan region, this will be their first venture in Gabon. Energy Vision, a communication-based Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) will use these installations to provide the services of one of the leading global mobile operators in the country.

    Energy Vision is an innovative solution provider focusing on providing end to end solutions. Their primary focus in the telecommunications industry is innovative solutions in the regions with low or no power grid connections so that they can reap the benefits of low-cost green solutions. They offer a full solution package including implementation, operation and up-keeping, NOC and expansion. During the proposed rollout of the related technologies on the field, Flexenclosure will be working in association with Energy Vision to provide all round onsite training and proper implementation of the relevant technologies.

    Providing a statement on their products, Ofer Ahiraz, the CEO of Energy Vision stated, “Our ‘energy as a service’ business model depends entirely on implementing power solutions we can trust to deliver exceptional performance at lowest possible cost, and that our customers can trust to maintain their network uptime. Flexenclosure have worked with us to customise the eSites to our precise requirements and we’re confident that they are absolutely the right choice if we’re to deliver on both of these objectives.”

    eSite is an indigenous solution to the problem of little or no power. It is a fully hybrid off the grid and bad grid solution for delivering round the clock network coverage. Moreover, it has more than 90% extra efficiency when compared to the other competitive diesel-based systems and provides a better power sustenance than any other design in the market. From KPI reporting to the inclusion of facilities for site logistics through an integrated eManager, the current Energy Vision deployments will include 3.6kWp solar arrays. The eManager will also incorporate an all-in-one toolbox for local site facility management including power optimisation and remote monitoring.

    Gabon represents a vastly untapped potential in the African region due to its untapped oil reserves. It is one of the wealthiest nations of Africa and has a current GDP growth of over 6% every year. Their mobile penetration average had reached 100% back in 2008 and is currently estimated to be at 194% (by the end of 2015).

    Speaking of the partnership, the CEO of Flexenclosure, David King said, “We are delighted to be working with Energy Vision. This deployment reinforces eSite’s status as the solution of choice for energy companies, tower companies, and mobile operators looking for the industry’s most reliable hybrid power systems and where the speed of deployment is of the essence.”


    About Flexenclosure

    Flexenclosure, founded in 1989 is a leader in local customization solutions for more fabricated data centres and intelligent power management systems in the ICT industry based at Vara, Sweden. Their eSite and eCentre are pre-fabricated innovative solutions for challenging environments with low or no backup power connections. From the state of the art technical facility to the incorporation of expandable floor space, their solutions for energy efficiency optimisation are truly game changing.

    They have additional offices in South Africa, Mexico, Myanmar, Malaysia and Nigeria and have several leading global clients like Vodacom, Apollo Towers, MTN, Airtel, etc.

    For more information on Flexenclosure, contact them at:

    David King
    CEO, Flexenclosure
    Phone: +46 (510) 427 000
    Email: david.king@flexenclosure.com

    About Energy Vision
    Energy Vision is a telecom related service provider dealing with a host of services from deployment to maintenance related to MNO, Towerco and communications system integration in Africa, predominantly in the sub-Saharan regions.

    Their energy efficient, reliable power system technologies are based on a unique business model. In this model, they offer a system where Energy Vision fully bears the CAPEX. Not only that, there are not any investment or operational risks associated with the customers, including reduced OPEX (related to the present run rate). The only cost on the part of the client is the monthly fixed operation fee.

    For more information on Energy Vision, contact them at:

    Ofer Ahiraz
    CEO, Energy Vision
    Email: ofer@genergy.vision

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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