by Tina Olivero

    Energy East Pipeline may support jobs in New Brunswick

    New Brunswick has been facing the severe shortage of efficient employers in the construction industry. As such, there has been a significant shift in the focus of workers in the construction industry who have been traveling out of the area to look for new jobs. This out migration has been continuing for some time. In fact, a survey done in April 2015 revealed that there was as high an unemployment rate as 70% with respect to the local workforce.

    To address this issue, major investment in the region is required. The new project for the Energy East pipeline is expected to address this to a very high degree. Speaking on remedial measures, Gray Ritchie, the head of New Brunswick Building Trades Unions (NBBTU) has said, “The economy has been slow over the last few years in NB. This has caused many of our workers to travel out of the province for work and many of our apprentices to struggle to achieve their journeyperson status. Energy East will enable many New Brunswick workers to work at home in high salary jobs and foster the development the next generation of NB Skilled Trades workers”.

    Moreover, he also reassured the populace saying that the job industry will see an overall turnaround not only in the construction sector but in all areas. As an example, he upheld the Fall Turnaround at the Irving Oil Refinery. He went on to state: “Maintenance projects keep many of our members employed. Last year, over 3000 of our Building Trades members worked at the Fall turnaround at the Irving Oil Refinery. In additional to annual maintenance work; large-scale infrastructure investment can attract other construction investment.”

    About NBBTU
    The New Brunswick Building Construction Trades Council was formed on May 25, 1971, and is a non-profit umbrella organization which represents 14 construction trades across 18 building trade unions at present. It is more commonly known as the New Brunswick Building Trades Unions (NBBTU) and looks after several branches of worker industry including Occupational health & Safety, Legislation, Apprenticeship Training Standards, etc. It effectively forms a bridge between the employers’ organizations and the government to provide better-working conditions for both the workers and the union members in the state of New Brunswick.


    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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