by Tina Olivero

    BOSS LOGISTICS: On the move

    Boss Logistics Inc. is a full-service Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC) with the head office located in Halifax and branch offices in Toronto and Calgary. A leader in transport solutions, Boss offers customers access to a full suite of intermodal rail and over-the-road truck services and works collaboratively with its customers to ensure that they provide a logistics solution that fits their needs.

    Through this process, Boss’ customers gain access to an extensive road, rail and warehouse network and have available to them assets that can move materials and products to or from, Newfoundland to or from anywhere in North America, including Mexico.

    Boss Logistics opened in 2010 and for its first 5 years operated as an agent for a larger IMC based in Chicago. Growth was steady since its inception in 2010, Boss added to its customer base by offering smart solutions to complex logistical problems for Fortune 1000 customers.

    In 2015, Boss ended its agency agreement with IMC and took the next step to begin operations under its own name. Boss is now fully integrated into this new phase of growth and is focusing on building on its intermodal experience for clients. In addition to Transportation Services, Boss provides warehousing, cross docking and local distribution throughout the Maritimes.

    Through its customer relationships in the Maritime provinces, Boss understands the advantages of having product close at hand. Through its established network Boss provides, “Just in Time Services” to any point in Eastern Canada, including Newfoundland.

    Boss Drayage

    To assist with local distribution, Boss Drayage was incorporated in 2015 – Boss Drayage is a trucking company that specialises in container work to and from the Port of Halifax, CN Halifax, and CN Moncton, serving points of transport throughout the Maritimes. Boss Drayage supports Boss Logistics’ customers’ requirements and addresses a growing demand for containerized traffic in Eastern Canada. With the added control of moving containers “in-house,” Boss can ensure that products are delivered or picked up as required.

    The newest development at Boss Logistics is the scheduled opening in July 2016 of a 100,000 square foot rail-served warehouse

    located in Brampton, Ontario. This CN served facility will allow Boss’ customers to bring in and ship out the product on the rail directly to the warehouse, utilising boxcar services to minimise the shipped cost per tonne.

    Greg Easton, CEO of Boss Logistics says, “In addition to an impressive warehouse space there is an extensive yard which will allow for the handling of our customers over dimensional or flatbed shipments. Our experienced operational team located in Brampton have a can do attitude and have the knowledge to put solutions in place to handle any kind of trans-load or warehousing challenge.”

    Charles Loubert, Manager of the Brampton facility says, “In addition to the rail service available to customers utilizing this facility, the centralized location works as a gateway to the US from both Eastern and Western Canada – customers can take advantage of shipping heavy into the warehouse and from there Boss has the technology and people to de-consolidate product, warehouse, then re-consolidate orders to be shipped to final destination by truck or intermodal rail.”

    Boss’ diversity, experience, and customer friendly attitude will have a positive effect on the way your clients succeed in their transport and warehousing needs. www.boss-logistics.com


    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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