by Tina Olivero

    POSITIONS AVAILABLE: St. John’s, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary



    This is a Business Development role for a Communications Consultant.
    It is a contractual and commission based position.

    We offer clients:

    Communication solutions such as announcements press releases and product offerings
    Graphic design solutions
    Presentation solutions
    Advertising solutions
    Web solutions
    Public Relations solutions
    Digital media solutions
    E-News solutions
    Corporate branding solutions
    Social media solutions
    Social media training
    Sales & Marketing Strategic Planning and Development solutions
    Strategic Content Development
    Proof Reading
    and more….

    We focus specifically on oil and gas clients.

    Candidates must be positive, forward thinking, visionary and solution oriented.
    Those hired:
    1. Get the convenience of working from home
    2. Are their own boss
    3. Have flexibility
    4. Work with AMAZING clients
    5. Get a fast-paced, fun environment to thrive in
    6. Embrace the new digital era
    7. Learn a lot

    To learn more about our offerings to clients that this position will be responsible for developing, please go to:

    Please feel free to send your CV and RELEVANT experience and education to: TinaOlivero@theogm.com

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