by Tina Olivero

    Hydro Group: Industrial-grade cable solutions

    Hydro Group, one of the global leaders in terms of providing professional and industrial-grade cable solutions has decided to consolidate its presence in the Asia-Pacific region through the inclusion of 5 new partnerships. These include ISL (China), Uni-One (Taiwan), PT Indonesia (Indonesia), Oceanpixel (Philippines) and DKHG (Vietnam).

    Official Statement

    The Hydro Group has always maintained that it is possible to consolidate and grow a network through the process of partnership with the local population in the area, thus bridging cultural and ethical gaps and producing better global representatives.

    According to the Managing Director of the Hydro Group, Doug Whyte, “Asia currently represents Hydro Group’s second largest export market with significant growth in demand for our range of subsea optical cables, electrical cables and connectors from defence markets and increasingly energy customers, due to the expansion of exploration activities in the region”.

    To this effect, the new partnerships are aimed at providing the best real-time solution to the highest levels of technology and innovation.

    Ocean Group

    Hydro Group Asia

    Hydro Group Asia is a Singapore based branch of the Hydro Group plc established in 2013 with a total staff of 5. It has already seen an annual growth volume of £1.5 million and is poised to generate much more with the investment of £2 million in the construction of a 13,700 sq. ft. of the new facility earlier this year. From meeting with the development team to discuss a project as it takes shape to training regional professionals to enhance their knowledge to deal with rising challenges to meet the company’s growth needs, expansion on a global scale ensures that a firm is never behind its competition to develop and create innovative new solutions to arising challenges.

    Hydro Group

    Hydro Group

    Hydro Group comprising of Hydro Cable Systems Ltd and Hydro Bond Engineering Ltd is a premier player in the fields of Aerospace, Renewable energy, Defence, etc. boasting of clientele with names like UK MOD, major operators and several OEM’s. With professional staff employed worldwide, the Hydro Group is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to rising challenges in several technological key areas dealing with subsea product technologies and complex electrical and optical solutions in harsh environments from conceptual designing, on-hands manufacturing to consolidated project management.


    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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