by Tina Olivero

    Rilco Cam Roller: New launch in Piping Solutions

    Rilco is one of the most renowned names in the industrial field of cost effective and efficient support structures for piping solutions. To this effect, they have recently come out with the Rilco Cam Roller (RCR) constant. Like all other products in the same line, from insulated cold pipe supports to vibration control spring loaded pipe supports, the new RCR constant has also achieved widespread acceptance and has become the hallmark of proficiency in industrial piping solutions.

    rilco cam roller

    Rilco Cam Roller Constant

    The RCR is a fully self-developed solution system from Rilco R&D which was developed specifically with a mind to providing a previously unattainable level of efficiency in normal horizontal or even vertical spring supports. Not only is it a fully balanced design featuring maximum space saving concepts, the use of a single centered supporting pivot lug top mount ensures minimum moment typically associated with supporting members in normal designs. The rugged carbon steel encasing of the unit ensures that all this can be sustained even at an optimum load capacity of 55,000 lbs and 21” of vertical movement. There are 4 individual RCR units which weigh at around 11,000 lbs total.

    The RCR unit can work not only with clevis but also with welded beam attachments. Moreover, a Type B structure ensures that it can be used in either close mounted structures needing constant support or even in retrofit applications. The quad unit uses the normal single unit top loading attachment meaning that a site would need no special modification for a higher output capacity in migrating from a single to a quad unit. However, a double lug arrangement, also known as a clevis, is needed for the bottom. These units are capable of 120,000 lbs of load and 30” of travel. Both the single and the quad unit RCR constant has gone through rigorous testing and quality assurance tests to ensure the highest standards of performance delivery.

    rilco cam roller

    Rilco Manufacturing

    Rilco Manufacturing started off as a small family owned business for pipe components and various support parts back in 1972. Rilco, under leadership of Anthony Zagorski, the current chairman,  has grown the company to a global firm renowned for its customized solutions for specific industrial challenges in the piping sector. It is currently headed by Kenneth Zagorski, the current CEO, and the president, who has shown the same level of dedication in making the company reach out to an even greater mass.



    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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