by Tina Olivero

    Emerson Process Management: Advanced Technology for Gas Analysis

    May, 2016

    Emerson Process Management, one of the leading names in process automation for a variety of businesses has released the Rosemount CT5100. The CT5100 is the most recent product in its CT5000 line of series of portable solutions for continuous analysis of gas and monitoring of emissions and is the only hybrid analyzer in the world to combine Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and Tunable Diode Laser (TDL).

    About the product

    The CT5100 can analyze approximately 12 critical gasses simultaneously without any modification to handle moisture in the components and is certified for use within international regulations. Not only that, the machine operates with no consumables or in the field enclosure. This means a high level of portability along with a sturdier framework. The CT5100 is also interoperable with its function in the sense that it can be used to process gas analysis, steady monitoring of emissions and ammonia slip uses.

    The Technology

    The idea behind the CT5100 is the use of the new “laser chirp” technology which enhances the overall sensitivity and selectivity in the gas analysis in the near and mid-range infrared spectrum by eliminating cross interference and enhancing the response time. This is achieved by well-defined peaks with optimal spectroscopy resolution without the incorporation of reference cells, special filtration, or chemometric manipulations. According to Ruth Lindley, product manager for QCL analyzers at Emerson: “The rise in regulatory needs worldwide, as well as the lack of qualified staffs in industrial plants have paved the way for the advent of a new generation of quicker, more precise, and easy-to-use measurement technologies”, which was the inspiration for the CT5100 which works by providing data from 6 different layers of laser inside a single solid-state component for reducing maintenance needed during its lifetime translating in lesser prices for upkeep than any other competitive products in the same range.

    Emerson Process Management

    Emerson Business Management is a part of the Emerson business group and is a world leader in product automation, processing, and supply in various emerging and established business niches including paper, mining, food & beverages, life sciences etc. Some of the innovative customized solutions in fields like project management, consultation, and engineering have already been implemented by brands like Bettis, Fisher, and Ovation etc.


    Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a top of the line company with more than $22.3 billion sales in the fiscal year 2015 alone based in St Louis, Missouri (USA). Not only that, its solutions comprise of specialization in the industrial, consumer and commercial sector in five niches of business:

        Process Management

        Industrial Automation

        Network Power

        Climate Technologies

        Commercial & Residential Solutions


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