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    AVEVA E3D Training – by MCL In Atlantic Canada

    Computer Aided Design or CAD systems have been extremely useful over the last 50 years for providing an accurate digital representation of physical assets.  To the oil and gas industry, this has been paramount as engineers took on the challenge of creating some of the largest man-made structures on earth. Minds of great fortitude, engineers literally built castles in the sea, and they used computer assistance to make that happen.

    For almost 50 years, AVEVA software has enabled the creation of some of the world’s most complex vessels and offshore facilities.  This allowed oil companies, major contractors, shipbuilders, and industry stakeholders to communicate more effectively, save time and reduce project costs.  AVEVA offered the oil and gas sector a new level of efficiency with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations.  As a direct result of a legacy of achievement, AVEVA was named the proud winner of the Frost and Sullivan 2015 Global Engineering Information Management Solutions Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

    AVEVA PDMS & AVEVA Everything 3D

    Specialized AVEVA software called PDMS (Plant Design Management System) as it is known in the 3D CAD industry, is a customizable, multi-user and multi-discipline, engineer controlled design software package for engineering, design and construction projects in offshore and onshore. Evolving out of PDMS is the new AVEVA software that harnesses the endless capabilities of the digital era and provides a cloud-based experience for users that is said to be unprecedented for oil companies, major contractors, and suppliers in the energy sector.  The software, called AVEVA Everything 3D, offers an endless list of solutions that cover just about everything!

    Capitalizing on the endless possibilities of AVEVA Everything 3D, Statoil, the offshore operator from Norway, signed a multiyear agreement with AVEVA as the industry standard for 3D design. Statoil selected AVEVA 3D, as the natural upgrade of its existing design system, AVEVA PDMS™.

    Non-disruptive engineering and design software

    Non-disruptive engineering and design software

    Statoil & AVEVA Everything 3D

    Statoil will benefit from improved design efficiency and AVEVA E3D’s simple migration from AVEVA PDMS means there will be no disruption to existing projects. This will give Statoil and its contractors the possibility of cutting project schedules and reducing rework during both the design and construction phases.

    Statoil has been a strategic user of AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA Global™ for more than 15 years and acknowledges the value this software has brought when executing field development, maintenance and modification projects as well as during the operation and revamp of its portfolio of facilities.

    Moving forward, AVEVA E3D will give Statoil cost-effective project execution, utilizing its integration with high-definition laser survey capabilities, comprehensive clash detection, and improved design and drawing capabilities. As existing users of AVEVA PDMS, its compatibility with AVEVA E3D ensured that Statoil could seamlessly migrate and access the 3D design for both new and existing facilities in a flexible and controlled manner.

    Statoil is currently using AVEVA software on 52 Brownfield and seven Greenfield models, plus the new Johan Sverdrup field development project that today consists of seven models. Older plants such as the Snøhvit LNG Plant in the Barents Sea, the refinery at Mongstad in Norway and Kalundborg in Denmark, and the gas treatment facility at Kårstø have been converted to AVEVA PDMS. Statoil’s new strategy to standardize on AVEVA E3D offers the potential for significant project efficiencies in the design, operation and revamp of all Statoil facilities in the future.

    AVEVA E3d

    AVEVA allows for non-disruptive, fully integrated engineering and design architecture. Click & watch the video.

    Offshore Newfoundland, Canada – Oil Potential

    Late in 2015, results of a seismic study of 11 parcels of land that were up for bids showed the potential for up to 12 billion barrels of oil, with a market value of up to $600 billion. Holding the world’s record for land sales in 2015, the region brought a record bid of $559M for Newfoundland oil exploration rights.

    The potential in the region is enormous and overall results show that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is on its way to becoming a global energy giant. Nalcor, CEO Ed Martin said the offshore is “poised for greatness,” despite low oil prices. Less than 160 wells have been drilled in Newfoundland’s offshore, and Nalcor officials say they have just scratched the surface on the potential.  Compare that with the North Sea, coupled with a high exploration-find ratio, and the probabilities add up to an extremely high potential.  This potential is attracting new oil players to the region and 2015 saw three new oil companies join the exploration ranks along with oil operators such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, Husky and others.

    Since production began offshore Newfoundland in 1997, the three current producing offshore fields, Hibernia, Terra Nova, and White Rose, have pumped more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil, radically transforming Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy. 

    The next, and fourth project, for the region, is the Hebron field which is scheduled to begin producing in 2017, with estimated reserves of 700 million barrels, and the 2013 Bay du Nord deepwater discovery is thought to contain between 300 and 600 million barrels of oil.  Things are looking up! The past twenty years of successes offshore Newfoundland has provided a foundation for the transfer of technology, skills and infrastructure which now lays the foundation for the next phase of developments.

    Siesmic Acquisition

    2015 Seismic Acquisition showing great promise, Offshore Newfoundland

    Statoil operating offshore Newfoundland

    Statoil is a major operator in the Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador oil plays.  Given that the region is predicted to be the “next North Sea”, Statoil has taken an aggressive and successful path toward exploration and development in the region.

    Globally adopted by Statoil, AVEVA E3D will likely be integrated into operations and used to support the growth of new projects coming on stream.  This is highly probable given that AVEVA E3D is the industry standard globally.


    Statoil leading the way in exploration in Atlantic Canada

    Metroworth Consulting in Newfoundland

    Metroworth Consulting (Europe) Limited, (MCL) specialising in the provision of onshore and offshore personnel to the drilling and topsides oil and gas industry, has been included in the second edition of the London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report 2015. The report identifies the 1000 fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK.  

    In keeping with their visionary fortitude, and understanding the skills gaps globally, MCL set it sights on the training and human resource potential in offshore Newfoundland, Canada. MCL discovered that software support that is currently used in the region and what will be needed in the future was in disparity. Analysing the growth potential and the regional development needs MCL identified the market to upgrade and further innovate with AVEVA E3D and MCL strategically positioned themselves to be officially appointed suppliers of AVEVA training for Atlantic Canada.

    MCL in Atlantic Canada

    MCL Training in Atlantic Canada offers AVEVA PDMS E3D for designers and engineers.

    Gareth Owen, Managing Director and General Manager, has effectively positioned MCL in Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland to fulfil on the integration and training needs of the offshore industry with AVEVA solutions. Gareth says, “AVEVA is a global standard for 3D plant design. Operators use it worldwide and we want to ensure that people have the skills and training well in advance of projects coming on stream in Newfoundland and Labrador.  This not only ensures employment for the local people of Newfoundland and Labrador but it also ensures lower costs for operators as they don’t have to bring in that skill set from other regions.”

    Gareth explains, “Our goal is to welcome all stakeholders to the table. That means government, operators, partners and potential trainees to ensure that everyone is educated and informed on the need, the opportunities and the results that can be provided with the integration of industries standard for CAD with AVEVA E3D.”

    Gareth is excited about investing in the province.  He said, “The province has done an extremely good job of providing training support that allows for the integration of such advanced engineering training. The transfer of technology and skills is more easily accessible for the people of the province and this supports the industry and the community in sustainable ways. As well the province’s participation has been critical because, with such important training initiatives made available, it mitigates the risk for oil companies and training firms like ours, by bridging the gap from an untrained workforce to a skilled workforce. For this reason, we looked at the province as a great place to invest and grow.”

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