by Tina Olivero

    Moore Vision

    A visionary is a person who envisions the future with imagination and wisdom. They hold the intrinsic qualities of being able to inspire, create, invent, be ingenious, enterprising, and innovative.

    Visionaries are the ones who don’t take no for an answer. They are the ones who see possibility where others see demise. They are the ones who believe it will work out and they see the opportunities rather than the obstacles. Visionaries change the world.

    Tim Moore is a visionary. He’s a man who’s built many companies including Canada’s largest, Van Line and the biggest and most successful extended stay provider (which grew to over 1000 units) across Canada, in Oslo, Norway and even into the exotic island of Barbados. His journey and business philosophy can be found in the two books he authored…On the Move and You Don’t Need to Make Millions.

    Up on trends and what makes the world of business successful, Tim’s latest venture includes Moore Suites which rents daily, weekly, monthly and yearly suites to the busy executives who want hotel alternatives. Essentially his formula for success is to provide people with the “Moore factor.” More space, more kitchen, more lounging area, more special service, more home away from home amenities and more smiles when you arrive at their door.

    Moore Suites, launched in December 2013, rents fully furnished executive suites for medium to long-term stays. Tim says, “Within a month and a half we were full. One of the Moore Suites’ properties is the Mary Queen of Scots Inn in Halifax. Built in 1860 and located on Queen Street, the historic building has been owned by a number of prominent Nova Scotians. Moore Suites are also located in prestigious Halifax buildings, including Bishop’s Landing and Salter’s Gate. Moore’s portfolio of properties extends to vacation locations with luxury villas in Barbados and suites in Delray, Florida, and Chester, Nova Scotia.

    When it comes to leadership, Tim says, “I’ve never put an ad in the paper to hire anybody. Everyone I meet is a potential employee or partner in my company. When I first got into business I made it my mission to master that business. You need a strong foundation before you expand or venture into something new. I also look for synergies when scouting for a new opportunity. I tell new entrepreneurs how important it is to stay close to your employees and your clients. Like all previous ventures, Moore Suites understands that providing people with an extraordinary experience when they stay with us is what we do. We rely on providing the highest level of service. Those are not words, they are our culture.”

    Tim reflects, “In my 35 years in business I see more opportunity today than I have ever seen in my career. The oil and gas industry is a leading component of the world’s energy mix and is likely to remain so for decades to come. In November the Atlantic Offshore regulators granted $1.2 billion in new oil exploration licenses. It is projected that there is potentially 12 billion barrels of oil in the Newfoundland area. This will be good for Canada.”

    “Shell Canada has the newest of the Stena Fleet, hired to use off the coast of Nova Scotia as part of its $1 billion exporatory program. As a result, we do business with Shell and other related oil and gas companies in Nova Scotia. Shell has people booked into our suites for as long as a year. Stenna Drill Max, the drilling contractor for Shell is also staying here,” says Tim.

    Overall, the Moore Suites growth plan is forward thinking and “all systems go”. Tim says, “We have an optimistic growth plan. We are already expanding in Toronto, Calgary and Newfoundland. Next steps will be other locations across Canada.”

    Tim looks to the future and asks others to see the big picture, “The price of oil is going to rebound. The world still needs oil. These resource companies are investing billions in new technologies that will help balance this need with the concerns for our environment. Progress means taking calculated risks. If you don’t take risks you will never live up to your full potential. I am an optimist by nature. I think there are exciting times ahead.”

    To learn about Moore Suites and vacation properties see:
    mooresuites.com and cranevista.com

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