by Tina Olivero

    ELITE Productions – Architecting incredible experiences

    The OGM is famous for parties. Networking events that bring business people together in a way that fosters relationships organically and effectively. Each party is meticulously architected with objectives and strategy that leave people with extraordinary experiences. We’re all about having fun!

    Each event created by The OGM considers the surroundings and the environment. Thats what makes Elite Productions the perfect partner for The OGM events. Creating trends instead of following them, Elite Productions is a full service event design company that delivers what their name proclaims – an “elite” experience. With an insatiable appetite for creativity and flare, Elite brings clientele the most innovative solutions with the highest level of services, before, during, and after their events.

    Elite Production Team

    What makes Elite different is their constant effort to “travel the path less taken” when it comes to event design. Every client is different so it only makes sense that Elite designs are not treated the same way. Elite loves the challenge that the client believes is impossible. They continuously break boundaries.

    At the last OGM event, the client party theme was, “GATSBY”. Paying attention to every detail the Elite team created the era and ambiance of the prohibition times. Their newspaper hangings, signs of the time, and decorating flare put you back in time and into the glamor and glitz of The Great Gatsby himself.

    Working with energy clients, and having created a name for being extraordinary, Elite Productions is a fascinating group of minds that will take you to any and all experiences you want to create. Working with specialists like Elite means you don’t just have another networking event – it means you are remembered forever!

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