by Tina Olivero

    Fixing the Biggest Hangover of Your Life!

    Thump, thump, thump. Your head is pounding. You’re disgusted in yourself. Everything aches. You feel like you’re about to die. You swear, “I am never drinking again”.

    Last night, was so much fun. At least the first half was fun but the other half is a bit blurry. You broke all the rules. Drank without food in your stomach, drank way too much, drank without thinking about what you were drinking. You mixed beer, wine and rum and coke – all together and it seemed like it wouldn’t be a problem at the time.

    On top of that you threw in a few shooters with the “cocktail mix”. That’s about the same time you became a great dancer and started whaling out the tunes. Then you went on to profess your love over text to your ex. On the way home you order a plate of fries from the vender, ask her for her phone number and then find your way to a cab. In the taxi you may have puked out the window – maybe! Details are scanty. Somehow you make it home about 2:00 am. Life is life and the night was fun.

    You wake up 7 hours later and its like a tsunami hit your bedroom. Wammo – you are graced with the biggest hang over of your life! Now what?

    The Best Ways To Feel Better – Naturally

    Overcoming hangovers can be healthy or unhealthy. You can saddle down with a greasy plate of fish and chips and a dark room or you
    can be pro active and do some naturally good things for your body.

    We’ve all been there – some more often than others. But one thing is for sure – when we hit the mother hang over – the first thing we want to do is fix it! How do you really fix a hangover? What works and what doesn’t? Here’s five ways to make you feel much better.


    What most people don’t understand about hangovers is that you are lacking electrolytes. Electrolytes help with a hangover and are really easy to find, because they’re everywhere. Specifically, it’s the primary ions of electrolytes that are what’s important, and they include:

    – Sodium – Chloride
    – Potassium – Hydrogen phosphate
    – Magnesium – Hydrogen carbonate
    – Calcium

    These electrolytes keep the body hydrated and all your body organs working as they should. The body composition is mostly water so
    it makes perfect sense that the more hydrated you are the better
    the body works and feels.


    These days we’ve become experts at hydration and your health food sections of your local super market carry an array of electrolyte hydrators. They are the fastest quickest way to replenish your electrolytes. Ideally take them at night before and after drinking – with a full litre of water. And then again in the morning when you wake up – It works!

    Foods that Hydrate

    Other electrolyte sources are found naturally in foods with high potassium. The next morning load up your high grain cereal with almond milk and lots of fruits like banana, dates, raisins, coconut and have a little avocado on the side thoughout the day.

    Keep Drinking Water

    Hydration regulation is as important before you drink as it is while you’re drinking or after you’ve finished drinking. So staying hydrated with water or electrolyte and vitamin drinks during your drinking night and the next day, is the best way to keep your electrolytes in check. Stock your fridge with hydrating electrolyte and vitamin drinks to keep your system in peak performance.

    Drink a litre of water before you go drinking. Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. Drink a litre of water when you get home and take headache medicine when you go to bed. That will fix it! The problem is, most of us don’t do it. But taking the time to add water to the mix truly makes all the difference. Commit to yourself that this is your plan and make it happen and you will be thanking the heavens rather than kissing the toilet seat!

    Oxygen & Exercise

    Hangovers often bring inflammation and fatigue. The best way to combat that is get out and walk or do some other type of cardio exercise. Do something slightly strenuous that will force oxygen into the lungs and muscles and restore your body’s oxygen levels. Don’t over do it – we don’t want you walking and puking – that’s not attractive.

    The first 10 minutes of your walk may feel awful and you may be cursing the ground you walk on, but as you move into it, the better you will feel. The body is crying for oxygen and movement. It’s begging to move and reduce inflammation. Give yourself that energetic investment. At the end of a one or two hour scenic hike with your favourite friend, you’ll be feeling much better and ready for the day.

    The Convenient Hangover Bus

    These days hangover cures are so popular that the drinking population in cities like Las Vegas have hangover buses for a fast and quick hangover cure. These hangover businesses have advanced so much that they have a team of hangover professionals that offer an IV hookup that saves the day. These IV stations allow you to replenish and hydrate, get oxygen, add vitamins and antioxidants, have a Super B shot (B12), a mix of amino acids, headache medication and more. What ever your needs they supply you with a mix of proven solutions and an environment for your cure. Google “Hangover bus” for one in your area!



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