by Tina Olivero

Shareit for PC – Best way for File Sharing

We all know that ShareIt apk is an application which was developed by Lenovo is free of cost and lets us send the content like photos, videos, audios and documents within a span of time between PC’s, iOS and android devices. Using it on Computer like Windows 7, 8/8.1/10 and Mac PC gives the better experience. It actually creates a server of files i.e. your device and the network i.e. WiFi hotspot. And since there is no data connection required it uses the max speed of your WiFi. It can transfer Gigabytes of files from PC to PC in minutes without cables, USB drives or network charges. DO you want to send all of your photos and videos from your phone or tablet to your PC ? Then what are you waiting for ? Go and install the app. It’s easier and faster.

In general, wireless devices with ShareIt can automatically find each other when in range. It can transfer huge files and videos in seconds, which is hell faster than Bluetooth. ShareIt also allows file sharing with added security and privacy, files are saved directly on your devices, not in the cloud. Transfer your files between all Windows, Android, iphone & iPad devices.

The Primary reason why you should download ShareIt for PC and use it on your Windows 7/8/XP or Mac computer or laptop by using bluestacks appy player. The reason is very particular, I’m sure you are going to enjoy the file transfer after reading this content. Most of the people will have their records like movies, music, word document, power point presentation will Resides in the PC and the document scanned with the help of smartphones using applications like Cam scanner will reside in the Smartphone. So if you want to transfer the Contents to another device, you can upload to mail, and it can be sent to your friends. So, in this case, we are in need to use the Mobile Network or wifi to transfer files. But via ShareIt we can easily transfer the content to the other person in a lightning speed with no cost. Still now there is no good app available for computer platform which can ensure file sharing at the highest possible speed other than ShareIt.
If your system has Bluetooth, then you can start using ShareIt application and avail its facilities and features right on your personal computer.

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