by Greg Fisher

    How Tall are the World’s Largest Offshore Oil Structures?

    The worlds largest superstructures are probably not what you think.  They aren’t buildings and they aren’t towers, they are offshore engineering feats like no other, on the planet.

    This infographic gives you the visual understanding of the true nature of our castles in the sea.  The most significant engineering feats in the world belong to projects like Perdido and Ursa, which reach unprecedented depths at sea.  Just imagine, envisioning, creating, architecting and building these magnificent feats.  It’s truly amazing.

    How Tall are the World's Largest Offshore Oil Structures

    While we didn’t include every major project in development, do you feel there’s one that should have been included above?  Let us know in the comments below!

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    • Greg Fisher

      The Magnolia Tension Leg Platform surpassed the Ursa Platform to 1,432 meters. Not sure if it still holds the record for this type of platform.

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