by Tina Olivero

    5 Days in the UK – Reveals the Strong Need for: Collaboration, Creativity and Competence

    Your Guide to Meeting Key Players in the UK

    Spearheaded by Stacie Lara, the Investment Officer for UK Trade & Investment Canada The OGM and Oil Week Magazine were selected to travel from Canada to the UK to write about the opportunities between the two regions.

    Five days in the UK began a crisp November day and an early Monday morning meet in the lobby of the posh Grovesnor Hotel in central London. The Grovesnor is a stones throw away from Buckingham Palace and is centrally located which was convenient for the 16 meetings and energy summit that we had ahead of us in the week coming.

    Accompanied by my industry editorial counterpart Dale Lunan of OilWeek, and Stacie Lara, we embarked on an assertive mission to achieve a strong overview of the UK oil and gas climate. What follows is a synopsis of our meetings with the people, companies and organizations we met. The intention is to provide you with a greater understanding of the opportunities between Canada and the UK and the ability for you to reach out to most appropriate contacts that will support you in succeeding in your international business growth.

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