by Anna Murray

    21st Century Woman

    What does being a 21St Century Woman mean to you?

    Being a 21st century woman means learning how to balance work, family life, and community commitments all while trying to remember to brush your hair in the morning.

    Why is personal style important for any woman to recognize?

    Embracing your personal style is a fun way to express yourself creatively while keeping in mind that first impressions are everything. Keeping a professional image is key in terms of how to project your personal image.

    How does fashion impact your work day? Does it affect confidence?

    Look good, feel good, do good. Being comfortable and practical in your clothing choices allows you to feel more confident and therefore focus on your work.

    Is the 2-look ensemble shown here accessible for any corporate woman?

    Most certainly. Versatility is important when transitioning from daily office wear to evening event activities.

    What are the necessities every woman should wear as the foundation to her corporate look?

    A good blazer, classic shoes, and tailored pants.

    What are the perfect accessories for everyday wear?

    I’m a big fan of pearls; however, I also love fun and colourful necklaces.

    What are your personal recommendations when it comes to woman and style at work?

    Two things: invest in classic pieces and allow style to showcase, not change, your personal brand – a stylist from Holt Renfrew once told me that, and I’ve never forgotten it!

    Why/how did you found Young Women in Energy? What was the intention of creating the group?

    For young women, by young women, YWE was founded to champion the interests of young women working in the energy industry. Our intention is not just to rise through the ranks and climb the corporate ladder, but also to be conscious in our choice and deliberate in our actions. With this we commit to working responsibly, ethically, and collaboratively. We believe it is our responsibility as professionals to act as role models within the industry.

    What do other women get out of joining?

    Featured Professional – YWE features some of our incredible members and the great work they are doing both in and outside of the office.

    Targeted Network – YWE connects our members with the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Members have the opportunity to build value-added relationships that will prove useful for a career in the industry.

    Members Directory – YWE Members Directory functions as a multi-purpose platform where members can connect and share their profile while recruiters, companies, and service providers also have viewing access.

    Events – YWE provides its members with innovative speaker series, impactful panel discussions, and networking activities featuring key industry professionals and contemporary topics of discussion.

    Peer Mentoring – YWE Peer Mentoring connects like-minded women and avoids disconnected conversation that can happen between different generations and industries – a great way to get tapped into the industry and connect.

    Why do you think it is important for a young, collective pool of like-minded women to collaborate?

    YWE is organically building an authentic community where members join because they are genuinely interested in connecting with and learning from peers. When it comes to mentoring, our motto is “for young women, by young women.” YWE has flipped the conventional concept of mentoring on its head – instead of top down, it is peer-to-peer connecting like-minded women.

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