by Tina Olivero

    Kids Talk Energy

    Meadow Baker

    Meadow Baker

    Age: 6

    What do we need oil for?
    Cars and motorcycles and mowlawners.

    What is your dad’s job?
    My dad’s job is going on the oil rig on the helicopter, and he owns two day cares.

    What is an oil rig?
    It’s like a big thing underwater. There’s legs on it that can go in the water. My dad works on top of it on the ledge. He drills for oil on the ledge.

    Where is the oil rig located?
    Out in the sea, about 10 feet away.

    Lilyanne Louise Ottenhiemer

    Lilyanne Louise Ottenhiemer

    Age: 4

    How old are you?

    What makes a car drive?
    The wheel.

    What is a gas station?
    It’s food for cars.

    Where do we get oil from?
    The bank.

    Leila Maria Rogers

    Leila Maria Rogers

    Age: 7

    In business do they have something called safety?
    Yes, they can be safe if they don’t pinch their finger in a cash register.

    What are safety clothes?
    Safety clothes are orange, and it has white stripes. This is so they don’t get hurt because it reflects.

    What is risk?
    It’s when you do something you don’t wanna do, but maybe you do it anyway.

    How can we avoid risk?
    Knowing that they shouldn’t do it and listening to people who tell them. They would have to listen.

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