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    Pourvoirie Mécatina – Salmon Fishing Trip

    Canada, which spans ten provinces and three territories, is home to a huge number of beautiful lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. And it boasts of the best fishing in the world. Salmon and trout fishing are among the top fishing adventures in Canada, and, for the avid angler, fishing in Canada is a bucket list dream come true.

    Canada’s vast country has become a fishing paradise with world-class fishing resorts nestled in the woods, well beyond the reach of roads and encroaching communities. It’s where you step back in time and are one with nature. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a seasoned angler, Canadian fishing offers something for everyone.

    With so many species of fish in Canadian lakes and rivers, there are many fishing options, but fly fishing seems to be the most popular sport for catching salmon and trout. Artificial flies are cast using fly lines and rods. If you end up catching a big enough fish, you should consider taxidermy, so you can have your fish mounted as your adventure trophy.

    While there are many resorts to choose from in Eastern Canada, one particular resort stands out. Capturing all that Québec fishing has to offer, the Pourvoirie Mécatina camp is incomparable.

    Accessible only by plane or helicopter, Pourvoirie Mécatina is located in the Lower North Shore of Québec, and home to one of the last untouched areas where icebergs, whales, and salmon are readily abundant. The region of Mécatina is protected by a labyrinth of rocky islands and is only accessible for a few who know the network of complex water systems.

    Not far south of the Labrador border, on the North Shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is the unspoiled du Gros Mécatina River. It’s the place where Mécatina anglers have consistently enjoyed one of the highest catch rates of Salmon in all of Eastern Canada.

    The Pourvoirie Mécatina resort has exclusive fishing rights on 30 kilometers of the river, including its own exclusive fishing pools that are not assessable by the public. As a Pourvoirie Mécatina guest, fishing here allows for exclusive angling in the pools.

    Pourvoirie Mécatina is a camp facility with accommodations for eight people, and it’s the only camp on the river. Many of the pools are fished from shore or by wading in pools; however, boats are available for travel between pools and for fishing during high waters.

    Pourvoirie Mécatina offers more than 20 pools along its river run. At the camp’s door you can walk out into the sea pools and fish away. Hundreds of salmon and sea trout are within reach during the fishing season, which is at its peak in the months of July and August.

    The camp at Pourvoirie Mécatina is nostalgic. Overlooking a rugged coast line, Mécatina sports numerous islands and the fishing pools make this an adventure which is out of this world.

    After your catch of the day, there’s a supporting team who will cook your catch, fresh as it possibly could be. Then it’s on to relaxing by the fire, tying your own flies, and learning all you can about the great art of fishing.

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      • John Wilson

        Prices and availability for 20 – 27 May 2021 for 3 persons. Has the salmon run started by then?
        Best wishes
        John Wilson

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