by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    21st Century Gentleman

    Your clothing choices are a direct reflection of how you make decisions and impact your levels of success in all aspects of life.

    Your business-clothing choices speak volumes about you, and create a strong visual impression to those who know you and to those who do not.

    According to Jordan Singer of Henry Singer (Calgary and Edmonton), successful dressing begins with three simple principles:

    1. Having the correct fit.

    Ensuring the correct fit with one’s tailoring (suits/jackets/pants/dress shirts) and sportswear (jeans/knits/sport shirts) is crucial to being comfortable and exudes the proper expression of any look. “When we’re comfortable, we’re more relaxed.”

    2. Choosing an appropriate style.

    “It’s key to wear your outfit rather than become a victim of it, allowing you to be more confident in any situation.”

    3. Know your audience and be prepared.

    We’ve all heard the quote: “It is best to out dress the situation.” – “Your first impression can truly work in your favor when done correctly.”

    Keith Marshall, president of Northstar Drillstem Testers in Calgary, believes that dressing for success is crucial:

    Please share how your choice(s) in clothing impacts/has impacted your career.
    “I think it is important to dress appropriately for situations; people are often influenced by what you are wearing, and it sets the tone.”

    Do you have a power outfit or a power piece of clothing? If so, what is it?
    “If I am in a customer meeting, I always want to be dressed appropriately; thinking about the situation prior to arrival is just as important as planning your meeting agenda.

    How important are your clothing choices for casual affairs?
    “In my business, I need to have a flexible wardrobe due to the various cultures and countries that I travel to. For example, Columbia is suit and tie, Middle East is a bit more casual, field site visits to Iraq are jeans and a nice shirt. So, planning all this on a two-week tour can be a challenge, having a few options and the flexibility to dress up or down allows me to plan for success in all situations.”

    What is your advice to junior executives who want to “dress  for success”?
    “Confidence for me is a state of mind. If I feel good in what I have on, then it’s one less thing to worry about, and I can focus on running my business.”

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