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    The Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown Establishes a Reputation for Eco-Friendly Hospitality

    Sustainability, carbon footprints, and environmental responsibility are the concepts that drive operations of the Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown. The results have proven to be the best shade of green for eco-friendly hospitality.

    Not only are its 21 floors and 201 suites examples of a fresh and modern design, a true complement to the natural surroundings, but they are also happily equipped with amenities that make any stay, extended or otherwise, superior in other ways.

    Green Key, which recognizes hotels, motels, and resorts for their varying levels of commitment to social and environmental responsibility, recently formally acclaimed this extended-stay hotel as an industry leader for environmentally-sensitive hospitality with the highest possible rating of five.

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    Here’s how they do it!

    Subscribed program designed to reduce its carbon footprint:

    • Climate Smart—a locally based organization, partnered with BC Hydro, and works with small- to medium-sized businesses to help them reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions while also improving the bottom line.  The Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown recently completed its Climate Smart certification for the second year in a row.
    • Zero-Waste hotel—service containers are located throughout the hotel for three streams of materials: mixed-container recycling, organic-recycling containers, and alternative recovery.

    Energy reduction results:

    • Electric usage declined by 154 percent between 2011 and 2013.
    • Natural gas usage was reduced by 250 percent.
    • Water conservation improved by 158 percent.
    • Recycling and increased use of post-consumer recycled paper.
    • Energy-efficient light bulbs and office machinery and equipment.

    Conference waste reduction:

    • Flat-screen TVs in all meeting areas to allow the use of websites instead of paper.
    • Conference information via video, versus paper.
    • Locally-produced gifts for participants.
    • Encouraging the use of reusable coffee mugs.

    Visitor and guest participation:

    • Guests are invited to reduce waste by donating nonperishable food items, clothing, and suitcases left over from their stay.
    • Supporter of a variety of registered local causes like the Vancouver Food Bank, BC Children’s Hospital, and Mission Possible.
    • In-room recycling, composting, linen re-use programs, and video guest directory.

    The next time your flight is destined for Vancouver and your agenda demands that you be in the downtown core, choose The Residence Inn Vancouver Downtown. With home-like features, ecological advancements, access to transportation, the best shopping, and food options, you won’t miss home.

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