by Tina Olivero

    Newfoundland: Captured in Intricate Detail

    Newfoundland is exquisite and mysterious. It’s got a call like no other place on earth. Stepping one foot into the tiny village of Ship Cove tells you that you’ve been taken out of the new world and transcended into the old. You will be surrounded by the old Newfoundland world where things were precise, simple, elegant, tailored, intricate, artistic, useful, quiet, peaceful, free, and—yes, dare I say it—magical.

    Ship Cove, Newfoundland, is home to one of the most amazing conference facilities on the island. A place that has captured, in elegant detail, everything that is Newfoundland. The flair and style of Fishers’ Loft is truly what Newfoundland is all about. This 4.5 star resort is one of the top choices for business travelers and corporate retreat-goers who are looking for something beyond extraordinary.

    I had the privileged of staying at Fishers’ Loft this past summer. I found Fishers’ Loft to be a celebration of our craftsmanship, our masonry, our culinary acumen, and our artistic talents. As you enter the sprawling Fishers’ Loft grounds, you are greeted by a collection of Newfoundland cottages that reflect the architecture of Trinity Bay between 1850 and the early 1900s. Scattered across the horizon line, they beckon you to visit as each one has its own personality, color, and design. Built on typical Newfoundland hillsides, the resort offers panoramic views for your enjoyment as you move between buildings for dining, for conferencing, and for accommodations—each with a unique experience unto its own.

    Dining at Fishers’ Loft brings you back to all that is pure and fresh. A 4-course dinner of organically homegrown, fresh produce right from their own gardens is served. Overlooking Port Rexton, the dining room offers a view of the entire bay while enjoying fresh local fish, local berries, fresh-baked breads, and other in-season delicacies. Looking out the glass double-pane windows, I kept thinking, “Am I really here? I feel like I’ve just stepped into the movie The Hobbit.”

    For energy industry people, Fishers’ Loft offers all the technology you’ll need to shift into new levels of business. With state-of-the-art facilities, the new conference center provides spaces for large and small groups and all the presentation support you desire. One of the highest buildings in the village, the conference center gives you a panoramic view of sunsets that change by the hour. This conference center is where the old and wise meet the new and advanced. It’s the home of modern art and decor, long sprawling decks for cocktail parties and an art-filled conference room that holds up to 150 participants.

    The berries on top of the cream are the proximity to internationally rated coastal hiking trails, the whales that come to visit during summer months, and the icebergs floating along the horizon line. Could you ask for anything more … oh, how about a labyrinth for a little team-building and time out?

    A corporate gathering, business trip, or leadership retreat to Fishers’ Loft means you “get Newfoundland.”


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