Uptown Exposé

    Creating an Unforgettable Event Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

    The days of 9 to 5 work treadmill are thankfully over. Leaders are now responsible for creating a dynamic work experience that fosters growth, contribution, and performance in their corporations.

    Being a powerful company to work for means architecting experiences in your organization that are unforgettable. That’s what attracts great talent to companies and keeps them there.

    Today’s work experience fosters training and development, corporate outings, team-building activities, specialized retreats, entertaining events, training initiatives, leadership huddles, and just about anything you can imagine that fosters collaboration and peak performances.

    Understanding this concept, companies like Uptown Gourmet Grill & Bar have become far more than a restaurant—and are catering to the needs of the best companies to work for in the energy industry.

    Uptown Grill & Bar is a unique destination that takes people out of their day-to-day work lives and into a new setting that supports company goals. Smack in the heart of the city of St. John’s, Uptown’s location is easily found on Kenmount Road, and is especially equipped with ample free parking for large corporate events, accommodating up to 200 people.

    For training and other initiatives where presentations are made, Uptown has strategically provided a lighting and sound system that offers presenters and leaders a platform to get their message across. In-house PA systems, projectors, screens, LCD displays, show lighting, podiums, and Wi-Fi are already there!

    Uptown owner and event planner Mr. Brock Ballard says, “Uptown is a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. I’ve been working on events in the oil and gas industry for close to twenty years, so we married my event experience with Uptown, and now offer a smorgasbord of solutions for our oil and gas clients—everything from quiet leadership brainstorming sessions to the corporate party of the year. It’s great because it’s all here, it’s all inclusive, and it’s all encompassing. We’ve had clients here that we have been able to support in every way from designs necessary for invitations, signage, and printing to the name tags, flip charts, and water tables. We think of all the little details and take that out of our clients’ hands. They have enough to do!”

    Brock boasts about the food at Uptown saying, “Most notably, Uptown is home to the nationally celebrated chef, Fred French. Chef French was previously the head chef for the top Toronto catering company Lisa Shamai Cuisiniere. Chef French has a flair for corporate catering. He would be able to provide delicious snacks from nutritious brain food to sandwiches, from hot and cold finger buffets to a plated service of sinful desserts, and everything in between. No stranger to gluten-free, allergies, and sensitivities—his goal is to meet clients’ customized needs.”

    For companies who really want to end their events with a bang, Uptown is also home to Yuk Yuk’s, and the comedians can provide hilarious content that is relevant to your event. Everything goes better with humor!

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