by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    21st Century Gentleman [Business Travel Essentials]

    Minimize the stresses of your next business trip by simplifying the packing process. The following tips from Jordan Singer of Henry Singer in Calgary and Edmonton will help you organize and maximize your packing space and clothing wearability for a brief business trip.

    Your chosen suit should be easy-care and garner a temperature-equalizing fabric, such as stretch wool, which breathes and flexes with movement. Large inner breast pockets keep documents safe; look for an inside zip pocket for extra storage and safekeeping.

    Ensure your comfort and freedom by investing in a well-constructed dress shirt that provides a crisp fresh look at all times and allows for freedom of movement and comfort.

    Roll one or two dark, simple ties and coordinating socks that create versatility and subscribe to an assortment of events from office to evening wear.

    The most important factor for shoe choice is comfort. A hybrid style that can serve both dress and semi-casual work best and are the preference for packing light.

    Shirt by Eton, tie by Canali, belt by Canali, umbrella by Davek, shoes by Cole Haan, socks by John Smedley, shaving kit by Cole Haan, weekend bag by Cole Haan, all available at Henry Singer.

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