by Tina Olivero

    Technical Rope and Safety

    Technical rope & ­rescue inc. (trr) offers work-safe ­solutions for clients who are ­exposed to risky situations beyond the norm. These are ­situations where access may seem impractical or impossible, such as working at heights, ­entering confined spaces, and handling ­hazardous materials.

    Trr’s innovative solutions for hard-to-­handle ­situations have led them to work with some of the largest mining operations, fall ­protection ­equipment manufacturers, oil and gas producers, municipalities, and power generators in canada.

    TRR’s safety specialists are a multidiscipline team that is trained to the highest standards in the energy industry with critical work experience. TRR sets the example for other companies when they are seeking ideas on how to move forward in hazardous situations. They accomplish this by specializing in a fairly narrow scope of safety topics, but offer a wide range of services within these topics.

    TRR’s services include these specific applications: response to fires, high angle, hazardous materials, and confined space emergencies (a recurring issue for offshore installations). Whether it is offshore or during onshore refits and initial construction—prompt and effective emergency response is required. TRR assists by providing all levels of emergency response team training for offshore installations, as well as assisting with additional contracted emergency response team support.

    TRR has provided either emergency response team training or emergency response team services to all three oil and gas production facilities offshore Newfoundland.

    The work has entailed visiting one of the facilities offshore on various occasions to conduct rescue planning, onsite refreshers, and site-specific training.

    Colin LeGrow, president of TRR, says, “Overall, we are very proud to have provided 24hr/day emergency response team coverage for an approximately three-month FPSO refit in Marystown, NL, last summer. Our ERT actively participated in daily safety activities as well as supported the project safety team as necessary. Our crew was very pleased with the outstanding reviews received from our client and the vessel operator. On a frequent and ongoing basis, we are most excited when “senior hands” in any particular training program tells us that they have been in their line of work for years, but they still learned a lot in our course.”

    HSE specialist and trainer Jeff Daniels of TRR says, “At TRR, we have been fortunate to train many offshore, public service, and industrial rescue teams. We have combined the applicable techniques learned in industrial rope access, fall arrest/rescue, and team-based firefighter high-angle rescue to teach industrial rescue skills that can be applied to a wide range of situations, which are effective and easy to remember. Growth to a point where we are dealing with the largest players in the marketplace has been an exciting adventure. Being flexible and meeting client requests—often in a short-time frame—has been a key to our success. We teach applied principles in all our programs. Simply reciting legislation often leaves students bewildered and frustrated. They may learn the rules, but not the work solutions. Our courses have always been practical and intensive. We teach safe work methods and answer how to get the job done while following the rules.”

    “This leaves everyone satisfied, the participants and their employers. We are not interested in developing training programs that meet minimum criteria. All of our programs have been developed with the mindset of being the most advanced in the industry.”

    “All of our designations have been achieved at the top of our respective disciplines. We have participated in training programs from this continent’s foremost institutions. Our rope access skills are certified by the North American based Society for Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), and we have been trained by the manufacturers for all the equipment we use, teach, and sell. Our owner, Colin LeGrow, is often hired by the world’s largest fall protection equipment manufacturers to provide advanced and instructor level fall protection and rescue training for their users.”

    “We have been quickly growing the area of supporting our clients in the field, such that they meet their project goals. This has been happening across all industry sectors, not just in oil and gas. Navigating the complex set of rules and regulations for fall protection, confined space entry, and hazardous materials handling can be time-consuming and often overwhelming. To help our clients through this, we have the ability to assist with implementing safety policies and procedures clearly and effectively in the field. We assist with fall protection planning, equipment installations, inspections, and generally facilitating safe access for specialized labor to do their jobs.”

    “Clients that have utilised our field services found they experienced greater efficiency on the job. We don’t claim to offer everything, but we are creative and focus on excellence. For example, we have developed a 2–5 day competent Gas Tester program that will take participants right to trainer status. It is the most advanced program in Canada right now.”

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