by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    Leading the Industry Standard in a Vacuum…

    When industrial spills happen on an overwhelming scale, such as the one along Russia’s Angara River last year, what becomes essential is how the industry manages disasters like these. Following such profound incidents and subsequent implications not only is the clean up process crucial, but also episodes like this become the platforms whereby new standards and means of mitigation are watched by the entire world.

    Floating barriers are typically applied immediately and can cordon off about 20–30 percent of the spill. However, vacuum pumps, like the ones manufactured by Fruitland in Stoney Creek, Ontario, were at both the Siberian spill and the Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, mitigating the repercussions.

    Vacuum pumps are not just restricted to oil and gas, but are utilized avidly in a myriad of settings from industrial to environmental.

    However, many pump truck operators throughout the world will vouch for well-designed and engineered safety features, which are built to protect both the environment and the operator. With low ambient noise and a liquid ring design that reduces risks of sparks, especially when hydrocarbons and other combustibles are in the vicinity, these pumps require minimal maintenance. Fruitland’s most popular models, RCF500LUF and RCF500LSF, have become invaluable investments in the safety and sustainability of many industrial projects.

    Known for consuming less oil than similarly designed pumps, these vacs have been proven to withstand the most severe conditions and to consume considerably lower energy, while still maintaining their lightweight compact frame. In locations where the weather is severe and conditions require durable and reliable components, the equipment must acclimatize to its surroundings. Safety is always a key factor in all industrial operations, and a crew that knows the facts and complies with the policies can make all the difference. Top companies will offer comprehensive field training by professionals and will assist in troubleshooting for their own products as well as other brands used on site.

    Recognized around the world as the premier commercial heavy-duty pumps, renowned for reliability, safety, sustainability, performance, and ease of installation, Fruitland vac pumps are instilling incalculable value and assurance into risk management and safety.

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