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    Sustainability is built into our corporate strategy and business planning. From the BLACK HAWK helicopters of the U.S. military to the Marine One helicopter fleet (operated in support of the U.S. president), Sikorsky’s business is always about safe products, safe employees, and safe environments.

    This mandate is what customers and industry expect from Sikorsky Aircraft, a global leader in helicopters. This focus has increased business and the company’s competitiveness, and raised the bar of standards. Energy and environmental issues are often major considerations as part of the competitive bidding process.

    Sikorsky maintains a sharp focus on worker safety in all areas, especially ergonomics. In fact, Sikorsky is working with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union Local to invest in ergonomic improvements.

    So far, the system has proven its value. The company determined that each ergonomic improvement costs about $30,000 but saves an average of $130,000. In addition, workers’ compensation costs are down, despite the fact that the company has grown and at a time when medical costs are escalating.

    At Sikorsky, the push for efficiency and clean technology comes from inside the company, too. About half of the 6,600 people at the Stratford, Conn., headquarters and factory are engineers and scientists. For them, reducing our carbon footprint, using energy efficiently, and pioneering sustainability practices are core principles. Advancement in all aspects is their objective.

    Sikorsky’s highest priority is safety. That includes the safety of our products, our workplace, our processes, and our industry. Integration of safety into design not only changes the process but also the products. In 2010, Sikorsky received the Aerospace Industries Association Award for Worker Safety Excellence. Further investments in other ergonomics programs, fall protection programs, and elimination of risks and standards have become part of Sikorsky’s culture. This priority forms the foundation of the company’s mission statement:

    “We pioneer flight solutions that bring people home everywhere… every time™.”

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