by Tina Olivero

    Condo Life

    It’s A New Way Of Living

    It’s a new way of thinking. It’s a new way of doing. It’s a new way of life. Yes, the new figures contained in the 2011 census show the number of Canadians living in condos has nearly quadrupled in five years.

    With the offshore oil and other mega projects generating billions in cash for businesses in Newfoundland, it makes radical sense that the condo market is booming here as well.

    Entrepreneur and developer Bill Clarke and the family team of Ryan and Tina Clarke are the masterminds behind what is quite possibly the largest all-inclusive condo development to ever take place in the province. In the center of the city, 177 new condos are under construction, within walking distance to all the downtown office towers, to Mile One Stadium, and to historic eateries and pubs.

    Revitalizing Downtown St. John’s

    Clarke explains, “Our focus is to restore life in the most prestigious spaces we have in our downtown core. It’s an exciting time for us. We get the profound opportunity of rejuvenating, newly energizing, and recreating sections of Water and Duckworth Street, which have long been the pulse of the oldest city in North America. We are making history and literally reshaping the landscape of our city in new and creative ways.”

    Condo life in a province that has unprecedented growth is a smart way to go. Clarke says, “We feel it’s a win-win for all. For our downtown community, for us, and, of course, for our new owners. The investment climate has never been better. For condo lovers, downtown condos make perfect sense. Downtown is now the newly revitalized residential area that has changed the face of the harbor front area and made it an attraction for condo dwellers who love the experience of city life, yet, still are on the water and nestled in the majestic mountains.”

    Under the development of Powderhouse Hill Investments Ltd., a unique and trendy condo-living solution has emerged—Fort William Station Condominiums. Fort William Station is located on the east end of Water Street, and it offers a condo-living experience that’s second to none. With underground parking, exercise room, glass elevators that look out on the narrows, these trendy, in-vogue condos are a must have. Nearing completion, Fort William Station now has 60 percent of their condos sold.

    Under the name of Henry Bell Development Limited, Clarke and his team have sought to revitalize the downtown core of St. John’s with three key properties that will see 177 new residential units come to fruition in the area. Supporting this is MetroPark, a new 409 parking garage.

    The Three Properties Include: The Mix, The Marconi, And The Mirador

    The Mix (the former Newfoundland Telephone Building) will be converted into urban, one-bedroom condos, which come fully furnished. Everything is provided for hassle-free living. Owners can expect world-class views, concierge services, efficient layouts, along with a beautiful penthouse gourmet dining room for entertainment and parties. That sounds like fun!

    The Marconi (the former CBC Radio Building) is a spacious, classy living experience in the heart of downtown. It offers impressive finishes, majestic views, and all the conveniences of downtown living. Imagine being able to walk to the harbor, take a hike up Signal Hill, or drop into one of the downtown’s quaint cafes.

    The Mirador will be developed above the new parking complex, MetroPark. Patrons will enjoy the experience of luxury living in St. John’s tallest residential building. Condo homes will feature large living spaces, high-end furnishings, and upscale amenities. It promises to exemplify the best of St. John’s city life and be among the most sought-after addresses.

    Luxurious condo living has arrived: www.livedowntownstjohns.com.


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