by Sean Mallany

    The OGM Essential Apps – Summer 2013

    Musi Musi Created by a group of three Winnipeg teenagers, the brand new app enables you to set up YouTube videos to stream music and other audio to your phone. Now, all of YouTube can be your music library! Yahoo Weather Yahoo Weather Weather apps are boring no more—now not only can you get your weather info before you head out the door, but you can also be treated to some of the best photos from Flickr that correspond to your weather locations. If you are not careful, you’ll start adding foreign cities just for the excellent photos!
    Traktor DJ Traktor DJ
    Put another nail in the coffin of the traditional PC: now your iPhone and iPad can be used to edit tracks with professional grade software.
    Minibar Minibar
    No longer do you need to search or guess for how to construct the perfect cocktail—now you can have a stylish, beautiful app that shows you how to bartend in your pocket. Your friends (and your taste buds!) will thank you.
    Party Monster Party Monster
    Use this app to create an ever-changing playlist of music for your next party, where guests can add, remove, or edit songs in your music queue. Now, you’ll never have to change the music ever again—everyone else will be doing it for you!
    Triage Triage
    Sometimes you get overwhelmed with email, and you just need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Enter Triage where you can sort, and answer email with literally just a flick of your thumb. If you need to get on top of your email, don’t just attack it all—Triage the important messages from the useless.
    Paper App for iPad Paper App for iPad
    One of the most jaw-dropping apps developed for the iPad, Paper uses advanced mathematics to calculate perfect representations of fine pencils, highlighters, sketch tools, and even a dynamic color mixer to create a perfect paint tool, a sketch book, and a notepad all in one.
    NHL GameCentre App NHL GameCentre App
    This one’s a no-brainer for any hockey fan—use this app to track your team’s latest stats and receive updates, allowing you to keep on top of the latest info on the Stanley Cup playoffs!
    Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing
    Sometimes, it’s the most ridiculous games that are the most addictive. Such is the case with Ridiculous Fishing, a hit iOS app that involves not only searching the virtual depths for fish, but also flinging them up in the air to shoot them afterwards. Sounds crazy, but it’s not—it’s just great fun and a little ridiculous.
    Status Board Status Board
    Use Status Board to create a dynamically updating board, showing Twitter updates, tracking the number of emails sent, scheduling, or, otherwise, just tracking your firm’s statistics in style.

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