by Sean Mallany

    The OGM Essential Apps

    evemote Rocanda Land Tracker
    allows the conversion of coordinates into latitudes and longitudes for use in mapping software or for driving directions to a well site.
    seemail OmniFocus
    is an app for the iPhone and iPad that is designed to help you organize and complete tasks or projects. Organize what you have to do based on relevant contexts or projects, and enjoy free syncing between the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions of OmniFocus.
    Flipboard Tipulator
    takes the hassle out of paying for dinner or drinks. Tipulator calculates gratuities automatically, and even allows you to split an entire bill or individual tip payments among multiple people.
    waze Letterpress
    A mix between a wordsearch and tile defense game, Letterpress has you facing off against other players to not only spell words from a grid of letters, but also to think about how to best protect points based on where your letters are spaced.
    Fitbit Halliburton eRedBook Mobile
    Reference information can be recalled on a user’s phone, giving access to terminology quickly and easily. For example, Halliburton has published the Halliburton eRedBook Mobile app that gives users quick access to resources such as cementing tables.
    Instagram Songza
    Sometimes even the largest music library just doesn’t have the right song to fit your mood. Or sometimes you don’t even know what you want to listen to. Whether it be music to work to, play to, or relax to, Songza lets you find something to fit your mood.
    nike-fuel-band Asana Project Management
    Sometimes task management for a shared project can be a project all its own! Make collaborative project management easy with Asana, a task management app that allows teams to have shared task lists, shared resources or deadlines, and have up-to-date progress on projects at any time.
    linkedin Fantastical
    Tame your schedule with ease with this scheduling app for your iPhone. Instead of filling out forms to create an event, simply type a sentence like “Coffee with Ben at 4 PM in Starbucks” to have Fantastical automatically parse what you mean and create a new event with all of the appropriate data.
    Bloomberg Oil and Gas Solutions
    is an app for Android smartphones that manages your notes, allowing a professional to track and record well information, and quickly complete data conversions or calculations.
    netflix Trip Advisor City Guides
    enable you to download a free guide to over 47 different cities to do everything—get around, find a good place to eat, or enjoy local culture. By downloading a city guide before you go, you can avoid relying on costly data roaming once you get to your destination.

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