by Sean Mallany

    Eimskip – Strengthening Transatlantic Trade

    In his most recent State of the Union ­address, President Barack Obama called for the creation of a “transatlantic trade and ­investment partnership” between the United States and the ­European Union. This partnership would reduce trade barriers and promote free trade between Europe and America.

    How does Eimskip contribute to trade across the Atlantic? Eimskip is a transportation and shipping company that is ahead of the curve by enabling increased trade across the ­Atlantic. Eimskip opened its first office in ­Newfoundland in 1990, initially servicing ­foreign trawlers and a nearby U.S. military base. Following the ­closure of the military base, Eimskip ­continued to use Argentia and Halifax as ports of call to bring ­international goods in and out of ­Atlantic Canada. ­­In ­addition, Eimskip added the port of St. ­Anthony, which strengthens the link ­between Atlantic Canada and the ­international marketplace.

    Through their strong European network, ­Eimskip services ports ­reaching as far north as Murmansk, Russia, the port of ­Rotterdam, the ­Netherlands, including Stavanger, ­Norway, and Aberdeen, Scotland. This network is ­directly linked to ports of call in North America.

    This increased use of Trans-Atlantic trade routes has created a new opportunity to ­further expand Eimskip’s business on the eastern ­seaboard, subsequently adding Portland, Maine, to their port of calls. ­Using this new port, equipped with a 100-ton ­mobile crane and recently renovated warehouse ­facilities, Eimskip can accomplish two key goals: shorten transit times between North America and Europe, and offer bi-weekly port calls. Portland also offers easy connections to other transportation methods, such as rail or truck lines.

    Eimskip’s overall positioning is relevant for oil and gas professionals and other ­industries that span the Atlantic. This ­potential is ­rooted in the company’s ­ability to connect ­markets together and ensure that goods ­arrive on time and on budget. In addition to ­simply getting goods from point A to point B, ­Eimskip can also ­support a ­company with ­documentation, storage capabilities, ­offloading, and ­general­logistics. By ­positioning itself to take advantage of Trans- Atlantic trade ­opportunities, Eimskip can help oil and gas firms serve customers and markets on ­either side of the ocean quickly and efficiently. ­Eimskip will be there to serve customers and strengthen the trade bonds that link ­Europeans and North Americans together.


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