by Aaryn Lambert

    Deep Panuke Project Update


    EnCana’s Deep Panuke project involves the installation of facilities required to produce and process natural gas from the Deep Panuke field, approximately 250 kilometers (155 miles) southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Scotian Shelf.

    Natural gas from Deep Panuke will be processed offshore and transported, via subsea pipeline, to Goldboro, Nova Scotia, for further transport to market via the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.

    First gas is expected from Deep Panuke in 2012.

    Recent Updates

    • In 2012, the work has been continuing offshore to ready the production field center for the first gas. A combined crew of more than 100 people are engaged in the completion of this work which is now expected to conclude.
    • As the project transitions to operations—recruitment and training of key personnel continues, as does the transition of the project team to support long-term operations.
    • EnCana has been active in Guysborough County, where the company completed the work on the export pipeline and terminus for Deep Panuke.
    • The terminus for the Deep Panuke pipeline meets up with the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) system at this site in Goldboro, NS. In the background is the corridor for M&NP, stretching back across northern Nova Scotia.
    • Work on the terminus was completed in late 2011 to prepare for the first gas from Deep Panuke. The final steps to commission the facility are now taking place to lead up to the first gas.
    • The offshore supply base in Dartmouth, NS. , operated by Blue Water Agencies on behalf of EnCana and ExxonMobil,  keeps playing a vital role for transporting materials to and from Deep Panuke.
    • Two offshore supply vessels, the Atlantic Condor, operated by Atlantic Towing, and the Ryan Leet, operated by Secunda, make the weekly run to and from Deep Panuke.
    • On a weekly basis, about 150,000 pounds of goods and materials are sent in containers to Deep Panuke, ranging from food to supplies such as operational spares and consumables.




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