by Igor Jukov

Wings of Globalization – It’s an Art and an Intelligence!

Marshall McLuhan labelled our world a “Global Village” in 1962. At the time, everyone thought he was crazy. Now, here we are a half-century later, living out the reality of his global vision.

These days, globalization is the phenomenon that allows for businesses to grow and expand in new and interesting ways. No longer do we have to adhere to geographical boundaries and limitations, but rather we have opened up the airways and, literally, have fl own right over those walls of separation.

The new global market reality has changed the game of business. Air travel and transport have given us access to wherever we want to go, thereby offering new customers, new opportunities and new success. With the opening of these expanded markets also comes more competition, more products and more solutions at a faster and exponential rate.

Gary Syner, chief executive officer of Transit Air Cargo, has more than 30 years experience in freight transportation and logistics. The company is not afraid of new challenges and considers themselves fully prepared to literally “take on the world.” Transit Air Cargo has found its place in shipping and handling cargo, destined to trade shows, exhibitions and events across the globe. “Trade show shipping is a specialized business with special needs and requirements.

We became a leader in this area by committing to having a thorough understanding of the entire trade show industry and by maintaining strong working relationships with trade show managers, dray age companies, display houses and convention centers all over the world,” explains Gary.

These connections as well as having more than two decades of experience of successfully providing versatile trade show-related solutions made the company a subject matter expert and allowed them to enhance the number of services for clients to the highest possible level. “We have the capacity to provide multiple options to our clients in regards to moving their cargo via air, ocean, etc., coordinating the utilization of cranes, open-top trucks, and ocean containers to move both small and large equipment,” adds Gary.

“The key to our success is making sure we understand the complete requirements of each client and stay on top of each shipment on a door-to-show-floor basis. This positions us as a global transport consultant and partner rather than just a ‘consolidator or general forwarder.’ “We make recommendations, suggestions and hold the client’s hand every step of the way, and double up on our follow-up on each step of the supply chain. This strategy helps eliminate the nerve-racking issues and turns them into solutions to ensure our clients’ peace of mind during the complex and not always easy-going process of shipping to events around the world,” shares Gary.

On the other hand, even a carefully designed niche strategy and customer-oriented policy do not secure long lasting success in the global marketplace. Transit Air Cargo adopts one other way of operating, and that is “the art of being intelligent.” What does it mean? The answer is pretty obvious: striving to satisfy clients’ needs, you need to predict things before they happen, diverting the possible problems, and offering the follow-up and quick response time that puts the cargo at the right place at the right time.

Transit Air Cargo’s sister company in Asia, headquartered in Singapore, expanded to China several years ago, which was also a strategic move. Currently, China is the global workshop for hundreds of Western companies seeking cuts in production cost as they tap into a cheaper labor force. It just makes sense to be there from a global perspective. Transit Air Cargo has already opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City and is exploring brand new markets like Vietnam on a regular basis. “Be smart—shape your future and you will positively succeed!” assured Gary Syner.


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