by Tina Olivero

    Globalization: Understanding the Impact of Globalization on our World

    With the onset of international business growth, a powerful internet communications regime and access to information anywhere – the boundaries of the world are coming down. Geography and social boundaries are moving from, what were primary inhibitors to business, to now secondary circumstances calling to be overcome.

    This new era of globalization brings with it opportunities and also new considerations and challenges with the dynamics of a free market. Driven by global market opportunities we will find ourselves on a playing field that will have us embrace other cultures, come to a higher understanding of each others needs and ultimately find new and powerful ways to be integrated into a “one world” mentality. That’s inspiring!

    Globalization is real. Those who embrace it will embrace the future and those who do not will be left behind in the limitations of a world fighting against change. To fight against change is like swimming upstream. It’s like traveling against the flow. It’s an uphill and futile battle because change is bigger than all of us. Change happens no matter what.

    With globalization, there comes a higher level of thinking and strategizing. Business will evolve in new ways. We will be teaching people “how to think” rather than “what to think.” We will be fostering wealth at the level of the individual – using it to “give a man a fishing pole” rather than the fish. We will be creating structures that empower people to be leaders in their own lives and the thinking modalities, tools and environments to create that culture. That’s the possibility of our evolution as a result of globalization.

    Globalization means that communication will be at an all-time high and the power of our communication will make things happen in an unprecedented way. As international trade and global financial markets generate wealth they will be harnessed to take care of social needs, work on the preservation of peace, alleviate poverty, protect the environment, improve labor conditions and corporate culture and instill human rights. Our oil companies are positioned to do more as they adopt a mindset of unity that will bring it all into play.

    Corporate Creativity: Google

    Creativity is the essence of all invention. The ability to create something from nothing and bring it to reality is what we are all about. Companies of the future not only understand that creativity is essential for individuals on a daily basis, but that the result of creativity is highly profitable. Look at Google, they are the world’s leader in Internet search and just eleven years ago, they didn’t exist. Google has created a culture of sustainability. Their people can take 30 percent of their working day to “think,” “invent” and “create.” The result is one of the largest networks and most powerful communication tools we have on the planet. That’s the power of creativity.


    Being corporately conscious starts with the day-to-day things. Companies like Schlumberger who have a mindset of contribution, have integrated reading programs for children across Canada. Believing in literacy and its importance in this information age, Schlumberger is being proactive with our people by realizing that more lives are lost in car accidents than on-the-job accidents, and they integrate a “buckle” up corporate culture. Schlumberger people are educated in a way that offers creativity and sustainability – most people move around in their jobs every three years at Schlumberger to keep them growing and engaged. Overall Schlumberger instills a culture of giving back.

    New Energy Solutions

    As a globalizing society, we need to make it easy for our innovations and sustainable solutions to come into the world. Imagine governments that are designed to support businesses of sustainability by giving them tax incentives and other creative monetary benefits for global contribution. Imagine a corporate culture that fosters a willingness to create a “voluntary compliance” to contribution and planetary sustainability. Now that’s the power of globalization!

    Today there are visionaries and inventors who see the future now. People realize that cultures of the future will make use of waste and turn it into energy and fuel in highly profitable ways. Imagine the world where we no longer dump garbage into toxic landfills all over the planet but rather we are innovative and creative enough to turn our garbage into fuel and other energy sources.

    Ross Sinclaire founder of Creative Energy Solutions in Calgary, Alberta, is one of those free thinkers. Ross says, “As a society we produce enormous amounts of waste. On average each person produces approximately 600 kilos of waste each year. In bulk, that is the size of a travel trailer. Imagine what it would be over a lifetime.”

    Ross says, “Our team has assembled a system of known technologies in a large scale arrangement, which could handle the entire waste stream of a city the size of Calgary and totally eliminate landfill, all the while generating excellent profits. By looking at waste as a resource as opposed to a negative problem, the opportunity comes to light. The advanced reclamation and conversion technology we are putting in place makes 19 different sellable products from the waste stream.” Of particular interest to the petroleum industry is, another technology that Ross and his team are involved in, which makes a high-grade diesel fuel from any organic matter.

    The Future

    The real challenge for many inventors is to communicate to buyers and investors the value and contribution of such extraordinary visions. The corporate world will affect greater change as it embraces our inventors and scientists and brings their visions to market. We have the technology now. As we bridge the gaps with globalization, we realize that future energy, alternative fuels and other solutions are “already here.” The only thing between the innovation and it coming into reality is people’s “limited thinking.” Once we get the limited thinking out of the way – watch out – that’s the world of true globalization where “anything” is possible.

    Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero is a creative, 25-year veteran of the business world. She is an innovative, tech-savvy, entrepreneur that focuses on elevating companies, communities, and people. She spends her time architecting new business ideas, coaching and also has fun as an international speaker. Her abilities are grounded in a holistic approach that assists clients in overcoming personal and professional challenges.

    To book Tina for a speaking or coaching engagement please contact her at tinaolivero@theogm.com
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