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    Nebosh International Oil & Gas Course Now in the USA

    OSHE Consultants Corp is leading the way in Occupational Safety, Security, Health and Environment programs!

    Being proactive, achieving stellar results and creating an accident free culture in your organization, are all attributes of excellence.  These attributes of excellence don’t just happen they are the smart implementation of education and systems that have been tested, tried and true to ensure a fail safe work environment.

    When it comes to human life, safety and security no measure is too small and that’s why Carlstien Lutchmedial, CEO of OSHE has committed his life to educating people about occupational safety, security, health and environmental matters.  Carlstien says, our training teaches people to understand that mistakes are something we can’t afford to have, when it comes to a persons life.  We are committed to having people “get the importance” of  being proactive, highly trained, in advance, so that we can predict things BEFORE they occur and take appropriate actions to avoid incidence and harm”.

    My personal experience Carlstien says, “was working as the Director of Enforcement in the USA city coupled with sound background in OSHA regulations as a Train the Trainer for OSHA’s General, Construction, Oil and Gas, and Maritime Industry, programs, Disaster Preparedness, also paved the way for OSHE’s establishment. My education originated in both the United Kingdom and USA systems it was a natural progression to include both countries safety programs into OSHE’s portfolio. As OSHE traveled and trained organizations in the international arena from the Middle East to South America, it became obvious that many countries did not have their own comprehensive health and safety regulations and  chose
to comply with best practices from both the UK and the USA. This positioned OSHE at a competitive advantage with the unique knowledge of both countries as many training organizations were focused on one country’s safety regulations”.

    Nebosh Technical Certificate for the oil and gas industry

    Carlstien says, “We developed OSHE to be the vital link between employers, employees, the public and public agencies to ensure safety and security in the work place.  We’ve developed programs that serve and protect and we do this with global programs and a team of professionals with extensive energy and military expertise.  With the increased industrialization of the global marketplace and the growing awareness of OSHE, new safety security and health regulations are paramount.  The need for such programs increases daily and we are simply servicing that need.  We see ourselves as playing a major role in supporting the safety and security of our people with programs that range from industry standards, to handling chemical emergies, all the way to handling weapons of mass destruction.

    Carlstien says, “One of our primary programs that is a favorite in the oil and gas industry is the NEBOSH safety & Health program.  This course is one of the best training courses available for onshore and offshore personnel who are assigned installation duties. We liked the NEBOSH Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety because of its international application of the best practices of the UK oil and gas industry and the USA OSHA process safety management (PSM) emphasis.  This course has a universal appeal since it provides
participants with an all round education of the management of safety in the offshore industry and a high level of technical competence applicable to all any offshore installation.
    We are one of the very few organizations to have obtained the accreditation to conduct this course and the only one in the USA, with a satellite office in Trinidad and Tobago. OSHE is also well know for bringing their training programs in house to companies in a customized way and for accommodating training needs of small and large companies.  We work with companies around the globe and fit our training into their goals objectives and budgets!

    Here are some of the most popular training programs at OSHE Consultants Corp:

      • OSHA General Industry Standards Train the Trainer. (29CFR1910) – Participants on successful completion become OSHA authorized trainers and can conduct OSHA 10 & 30 hour’s courses.  Pre-requisite – OSHA 30-hour General Industry course. Certificate Issued by the OSHA Atlantic Region II Training Center – University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.
      • OSHA Construction Industry Standards Train the Trainer. (29CFR1926) – Participants on successful completion become OSHA authorized trainers and can conduct OSHA 10 & 30 hours courses.  Pre-requisite – OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry course. Certificate Issued by the OSHA Atlantic Region II Training Center – University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.
      • Hazwoper Certification (40 hours) – Participants gain both classroom and practical training in handling, controlling and managing chemical emergencies.
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction – gain the very important Department of Homeland Security certificate. Participants gain a good understanding of responding to a WMD incident. Chemical, Biological, Nuclear weapons and their use, dissemination, and control methods are explained, including explosives devices and their combination with WMD.
      • NEBOSH Safety & Health for the Oil and Gas  – This course is one of the best training courses available to onshore and offshore personnel in preparation for being assigned duties on these installations. Topics include working on the monkey board to BOP valves.
      • Bomb Incident response – anyone responding to emergencies must be knowledgeable about bombs and its effects on the environment.. In addition, participants are trained in matters of crime scene preservation and evidence collection.
      • Disaster & Crisis Management – To be able to function in. The goal of any disaster & crisis management plan is for the organization to survive the crisis with its reputation and assets intact. Based on past experiences, many organizations do not properly address the planning process adequately enough to prepare for such a response.

    OHSE also offers other programs in the areas of: Evidence Collection & preservation, Accident Investigation, Job Safety Analysis, Asbestos management, OSHA 300 record keeping requirements, Blood Borne Pathogens, Safety management, confined space & rescue, Fall Protection, OSHA 10 & 30 hour courses.

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