by Aaryn Lambert

    The New Kid on the “Rock”-Keltic Transportation and Logistics Has Come a Long Way in Almost 15 Years.

    From its humble beginnings in a one room office in Moncton, New Brunswick to present day operations of over 200 employees, three offices and a new Special Projects division Keltic has always strived to provide the best possible service to its customers … from small regional manufacturers to supply chains operating across the country. It is Keltic’s commitment to its customers that has allowed them to grow into one of the premiere transportation providers in Canada.

    Keltic’s owner, Noel Mullins, believes the company’s success can be attributed to several key principles: professionalism, respect, service and, most importantly, staff. Mr. Mullins believes that all of his employees represent Keltic, from the drivers to administration, and he has worked tirelessly to ensure they all can be proud of the company they helped build.

    In September of 2010 Keltic was named as one of four transportation carriers for the Vale Inco Long Harbour Processing Plant. Keltic was extremely proud to be awarded such an exciting project and takes pride in being the only mainland-based carrier selected to work along side its Newfoundland counterparts. “We understand and appreciate the opportunity this represents for Keltic, and we look forward to having the opportunity to continue to prove ourselves as a premier transportation partner for large scale construction projects in Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada” says, David Montgomery, Director of Special Projects for Keltic.

    Keltic has taken their success in Newfoundland and decided to further commit to the province by opening a new warehousing and logistics facility in central Newfoundland. “One of the first things we noticed when we began the Long Harbour project was the immediate need for additional facilities to support this project and the oil and gas industry as a whole,” says Montgomery, “we recognize the tremendous opportunity in the region and look forward to having our facility up and running by June 2011.”

    Keltic’s new facility will have upwards of 100,000 square feet available of heated indoor floor space. In addition, it will have a modern three tier racking to further expand their capabilities, 24 foot ceilings, wide grade level doors for over-dimensional indoor storage, crane service and an outdoor drop facility. The facility will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and staffed with fully certified, Newfoundland-based employees. A fleet of Keltic equipment, including dry, reefer and flatbed services can be scheduled for daily runs to the Avalon Peninsula, ensuring that consistent service is always provided.

    “It is our belief that integrating this facility with our satellite-tracked fleet of trucks, our ocean and air professionals, and our outstanding logistics and freight- management divisions will help establish Keltic as the premier go-to provider in the Newfoundland market. Having a facility this large within several hours of Bull Arm, Long Harbour and St. John’s will definitely be considered an asset as Newfoundland moves forward with several large-scale projects,” says David.

    To contact David Montgomery please call toll free 866-961-4740, ext 106
    Email: david@keltictransportation.com

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