by Tina Olivero

    The Big Scene on The Big Screen ..Is You!

    The visionary dream of the AbbyShot team, is to bring big-screen euphoria to real life. At the helm of AbbyShot, Bonnie Cook says, “We sell people the experience of being larger than life, a powerful character and something extraordinary!

    Truthfully, I believe we all have the ability to be powerful and extraordinary, so we just sell clothes which reflect that thinking.”

    Nestled in the majestic province of Newfoundland and Labrador, AbbyShot Clothiers is a Canadian company that exports trend-setting movie coats from their offices in Canada to over 40 countries worldwide. It is an adventurous company whose garment designs are styled after clothing worn in movies, animeflv, TV shows and computer games, and yet, they are completely wearable as high-end apparel for business people!

    For Bonnie Cook, success goes beyond textbook definitions. Bonnie and the team, have built AbbyShot into a corporate culture that revolves around the happiness and well-being of its employees. Transformational training for staff, company retreats, dinners, open communication and full transparency between all operations and employees are just some of the ways they reach their full potential. AbbyShot is adorned with many accolades and awards. The most recent award came with national recognition, Bonnie and Julia Cook flew to Ottawa to receive the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Canadian SME Innovator of the Year 2010 award.

    Gone are the days of movie stars being unique and one of a kind. These days we are self-starters, self-made publishers online and self-starring in our own YouTube videos and productions. It’s a whole new era of living, consuming and wearing apparel. The team of AbbyShot saw this coming and built a business into the future; knowing that, what was once the untouchable will now be commonplace. These days, we are the stars of our own movies websites, and that’s exactly what AbbyShot was banking on when they built their global distribution network with new social media.

    With style and grace, AbbyShot coats are known for their awe-inspiring long, flowing gate. AbbyShot originally built their reputation on the Matrix black trench coat, and quickly moved into even sleeker lines like the Tenth Doctor’s Coat, from Dr. Who and the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat from Serenity, as licensed by Universal. Along with these exquisite lines, the closet is hung with raglan-style trench coats inspired by Blade Runner and Gothic coats belonging to characters, such as Sephiroth, found in Final Fantasy. That’s exciting!

    Making high-quality coats was a natural progression for AbbyShot. After perfecting the art of the trench coat, it then moved onto short jackets for men and women, recreating the Martha Jones Companion Jacket from Doctor Who, series 3, and the G-I-G Shrug inspired by the anime series Ghost in the Shell.

    Imagine bringing the big screen wardrobe to work with you every day! Imagine the ooohs and aaahs at the office as the dashing engineer walks in the door, with more energy to burn than all of the oil sands! Imagine your president dressed in the Martha Jones Companion Jacket, as she sets the stage for the next big oil platform to be built.

    Why not add a little mystery, pizazz, and adventure to your day, after all what is life for, if it’s not for a little fun, flair and self-expression?

    To learn all about AbbyShot, go to: www.abbyshot.com

    More here: https://freemoviewebsites-online.com/free-movie-websites/

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