by Tina Olivero

    ExxonMobil: A Powerful Contributor to United Way

    Corporate contribution is one of the most moving aspects of business in the oil patch. Many oil and gas companies around the world are creating enormous impact on local communities with a conscientious effort to contribute in ways that really make a difference.

    Oil and gas operators are some of the largest community contributors in the world, and they encourage their corporate culture to be one that can elevate the world we all live in. One such company doing exactly that is ExxonMobil Canada Ltd., St. John’s, at the Newfoundland and Labrador Office. Here at The OGM, we had the opportunity to discover the corporate mindset of Meg O’Neill, and to find out why ExxonMobil is a leading contributor to United Way in this region. Here’s what Meg had to say:

    The OGM: How did you become involved with United Way (UW) of Newfoundland and Labrador?
    Our company has been supporting United Way since it started operations in Newfoundland. In fact, ExxonMobil has received many awards from United Way for our participation and from the amount of money our company and employees raise each year. In 2010, ExxonMobil and its employees contributed about 25 per cent of all the funds raised by UW in the province. I, personally, have been involved with United Way for many years in the U.S., and I have seen the positive impact United Way can make in a community.

    The OGM: What is ExxonMobil’s history in other communities with United Way as an organization?
    We support United Way all over North America. Our company respects the business-like approach United Way brings to identifying and addressing our communities most pressing needs. It also keeps its administrative costs low, so most of the funds raised go to the community, not to overhead.

    The OGM: How do you feel your company and your employees benefit from supporting United Way?
    At ExxonMobil, we believe in supporting communities where we work and live. The United Way provides a great opportunity to do just that. We have met some of the people who benefit from the United Way, and it’s great to see the impact we are having.

    The OGM: What about the community as a whole; why would they want to become involved with United Way?
    It is important to remember there are people in our community who need support. The more people pitch in, the better our community will be. Attending United Way events, or running a United Way campaign in your workplace is a great way to meet community leaders and like-minded volunteers.

    The OGM: Tell me about ExxonMobil and your involvement with United Way’s Day of CaringTM on June 2nd. Why give your employees time to do volunteer work?
    We see it as a team-building experience where we have fun working together to help others. United Way identifies the volunteer opportunities and plans the day, so all we have to do is show up and get to work.

    Creating a vibrant, caring community requires financial support and volunteers; our support for United Way and its Day of Caring™ helps contribute to making this an even better place to live and work.

    For more information on UNITED WAY and how you can support your local community, please contact:

    Newfoundland office: www.unitedwaynl.ca
    Canada: www.unitedway.ca
    Worldwide: www.worldwide.unitedway.org

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