Gautham S

Gautham S

Anna University, Chemical Engineering

Gautham.S is an engineering student at Anna University. His interest lies on sustainable development. He is working on solar cells, waste water treatment and sustainable development. He runs Green and Educational Technologists Foundation. He conducts coastal clean ups, medical camps and campaigns on energy literacy and sustainability through the organization.

We asked Gautham:

The OGM: As you embark on your career path, how important is the culture of the organization you choose?

Gautham: I believe that the culture of an organization keeps an employee’s heart and head in line with the vision and mission of the organization. If there is a problem in that, there will be no fruitful result.

The OGM: Describe the impact work flexibility will have on your career path.

Gautham: Work flexibility will have a huge impact on me. Being flexible means achieving a healthy work-life balance. However, the reality of running my own organization means less flexibility.

The OGM: What does a strong cohesive, team-oriented culture at work mean to you?

Gautham: It means better results in a short time. Running the Green and Educational Technologists Foundation has taught me that team work is very important. With team work you can turn bad situations into glorious opportunities

The OGM: Is a transparent work environment in regards to compensation, rewards and career development important to you? If so, why?

Gautham: Yes. Transparency develops the competitive spirit in everyone. It also brings legitimacy to the organization.

The OGM: How does technology impact your day-to-day?

Gautham: I cannot make it through a day without my mobile and laptop. My work will be shut down without them.

The OGM: What does the phrase, ‘sense of community’ mean to you?

Gautham: It means everything to me and my organization. The community has given me a lot. I am obliged to give something back. Everything we do at the Green and Educational Technologists Foundation, we do for the good and development of the people in the community.

The OGM: Are acknowledgment and support an integral component to your career needs? If so, how?

Gautham: Yes, you will always need support and acknowledgement to run any organization. From time to time, tough decisions need to be made. You always need the support and co-operation of your team to make the best decisions and deliver positive result.

The OGM: Tell us about a struggle you faced when transitioning into the workforce?

Gautham: Time management was something I struggled with when I transitioned into the workforce. Learning to manage my time has brought out the best in me.

The OGM: For other students just figuring things out, what words of encouragement would you offer?

Gautham: Life gives us many choices. Don’t stop pursuing opportunities until you believe you have found your ‘right’ choice. Try different things out. You will find where you’ll win and where you’ll lose.

The OGM: Did you always know what you wanted to do?

Gautham: No. In my childhood, I always wanted to be a district collector. My increased interest in science and environment inspired me to do what I now do today.

The OGM: Where does/would your sense of satisfaction come from at work?

Gautham: I feel satisfied when I achieve positive, new results. For example, during a recent “coastal clean-up”, our efforts mobilized people and they joined us in helping the environment. That moment gave me a lot of satisfaction.

The OGM: How important are further education and training to your career development?

Gautham: Life is all about learning. I will learn, study and train till the end of my time.

The OGM: How did you differentiate yourself in the workplace as a Millennial?

Gautham: The things I bring to the table are: dedication, sincerity, lateral thinking and persistence. These always make me unique.

The OGM: If you could be stuck in an elevator with anybody, who would it be?

Gautham: John Nash, the mathematician.

The OGM: Did you pursue University right after high school?

Gautham: Yes, I did.

The OGM: Will/Did your University program play a role in your career path? If not, why?

Gautham: Yes, it did.

The OGM: What are the three most important aspects you feel an organization should offer to retain a Millennial?

Gautham: Good work culture, flexibility and recognition of efforts are important to retaining a Millennial.

The OGM: Describe your ideal organization, one that you could grow and develop your career in?

Gautham: My ideal organization is a place I go because I choose to be there and not because I have to be there. The job should be challenging enough to keep me interested and I should be passionate about the cause of the organization.

The OGM: From a scale of 1 to 10 how important are the following: incentives and rewards, compensation, training and development, global opportunities? 1 being least important.

Gautham: Incentives and Reward: 9,
Compensation: 8,
Training and development: 10,
Global Opportunities: 9.

The OGM: Tell us about your most memorable achievement or milestone thus far?

Gautham: I was awarded “THE BEST PAPER AWARD” for my research article in the national conference on application of nanomaterials. This has since encouraged me to do several projects and research.


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