Safety Featured Stories:

    • The Future of Our Safety Industry

      by Maggie Hynes

      Video games are a favourite past-time for many. Maybe you too have found yourself with a controller in hand, sitting for countless hours as you manoeuvred through difficult challenges to come out unharmed and on top. So to appeal to the gamer in many of you, companies are now designing futuristic oil rigs that function, believe it or not, like a […]

    • 15 Million Person Hours Incident Free At Hebron Mega Project

      by Amanda Hookey

      In the Oil Gas industry, many factors can contribute to employee injury; however, prevention can be achieved. Preventative measures include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safety training, simulation training, and proper evacuation plans. Preventative measures can and will result in saving lives, reducing injury, and minimizing associated risk in the oil patch. Listed below are safety […]

    • Pipeworx Implements WHMIS 2015 Far in Advance of Deadline

      by Alex Clark

      In February 2015, the Government of Canada promulgated WHMIS 2015, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, and decreed that companies have until December 1, 2018, to fully implement the new system. Not allowing any grass to grow under their feet, Pipeworx Ltd. has already nearly completed its WHMIS 2015 implementation, offering […]

    • Top Tech Tools for the Safety Professionals

      by Julie Mcfater

      Almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet today (have you even seen an eight-year-old at a park these days?) For us “grown-ups,” as technology becomes more integrated with the workplace, smart and efficient professionals are always looking for ways to improve their productivity. It’s a joke in common culture to say, “Is there an […]

    • Online Safety Education – Part of the Technological Innovation Making Workplaces Safe

      by Glyn Jones

      As corporations attempt to move towards the goal of zero workplace incidents the limitation continues to be finding enough qualified safety professionals to provide the needed support.  In the last decade there has been a virtual explosion in university education programs offering occupational health and safety programs.  The number of new graduates is growing exponentially. […]

    • Step Change

      WorleyParsons Exposé

      With a renewed focus on contractor safety, WorleyParsons’ “Step Change” program takes a significant leap in realizing their vision of zero harm to people, assets and the environment. What is “Step Change?” After analyzing past safety performance, WorleyParsons found that the majority of field incidents did not involve their own employees. Rather, their performance data […]

    • May You Never Hear These Words—Ditching, Ditching, Ditching.

      by Tina Olivero

      Stopping into Starbucks at 6:50 in the morning is where I start to wake up. While at the drive through the first drops of a long awaited summer rain started to fall. I got my Chai Tea Latte and proceeded to head out over the highway for a survival adventure. I arrived at the Offshore […]

    • Belfor Safety Strategy

      Belfor Exposé

      Most service companies consider safety as the most important aspect in their company and BELFOR is no different. In fact, BELFOR has created a safety management program that not only protects their employees, but also helps boost employees’ confidence. It’s a simple philosophy really, employees realize they work for a company that cares deeply for their […]

    • Accident Trajectory & Safety Culture

      by Rod Knox

      Your cultures influence what we see, hear, feel, think, and say. Perhaps most importantly, they influence our everyday decision making and behaviors of people in all organisations; it’s these behaviors that ultimately drive our safety and performance outcomes. Strong safety cultures exist where leaders demonstrate safety as their principle value, ensuring everyone is aware of […]

    • Process Safety – The Heinrich Model of Behavior

      by Rod Knox and Tim Marsh

      Catastrophic incidents happen to safety-conscious people for the same reason some children get pulled alive from a collapsed building–the law of probability. At any given time, place and situation some people will be lucky, others not. However, while we can’t ensure good luck, we can significantly reduce how much luck we need. How? By considering […]


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