Human Resources Featured Stories:

    • The Art of Character Discernment

      by Tina Olivero

      Picking the Right People, Partners, Alliances and Colleagues. This article will save you time and money as you learn to discern people’s characters and finally pick the right partners, team players and business allies for your success. It will allow you to turn those daunting irresponsible, destructive and energy-draining relationships into a whole new working […]

    • Carpe Diem Seize the “Diversity” Day

      by Bobbie Boland

      Without question, the development of offshore oil in Newfoundland is the catalyst for better economic times, and the current Hebron development and benefits agreement with the province is distinctive in its own right. The commitment to develop a Gender Equity Program and Diversity Program and Business Access Strategies for both groups is opening doors for […]

    • Get Extreme Promotions and Make Amazing Profits

      by Tina Olivero

      Employee-preneurs are a new breed of worker that will excel above all others in the 21st Century. This era of recession, plummeting profits and stressful business conditions is creating an exciting new breed of people – employee-preneurs. What would happen if every person in your organization adopted an entrepreneurial mindset, whereby it was a daily […]

    • Workforce Wisdom

      by Aaryn Lambert

      A look into the future. Business of the future is a whole new era of productivity that is not work but rather it will be a self expression, rooted in the qualities of what truly fulfills us – it will have nothing to do with money. While this may seem like a bold statement, all […]

    • Industry Public Survey

      by Diane L.M. Cook

      The public’s perception of the oil and gas industry has long been reported to be negative. However, is that perception true? In an effort to find out exactly how the public felt about the industry, one industry association decided to survey the public for its opinions. Shortly after Alberta unveiled its revised royalty regime for […]


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