Fracking Featured Stories:

    • Water-Management In Shale Plays

      by Bob Kimbell

      Globally, the energy sector has transformed itself in the last ten years, developing unconventional oil and gas resources through two technologies: horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Water is integral to development, from sourcing and transportation to treatment and reuse to disposal. Thus, a water-management plan that optimizes each use of water is important and significantly […]

    • What The Frack? Gas Fuels the Future

      by Tina Olivero

      Dr. William Fleckenstein, adjunct professor at the Colorado School of Mines, knows fracture stimulation or “fracking,” like the back of his hand. As a former scientific advisory board member with the National Science Foundation, he often inquires into fracking, and how it is changing the shape of energy conversations worldwide. “This is a transformational moment for the world-energy situation,” […]

    • Gas Rocks

      by Paul Garrett

      For decades, the North Sea has been Europe’s gas reservoir, providing a welcome alternative to Russian gas. Now North Sea gas is running out, but an alternative gas future beckons which is not under the water, but deep under the ground – shale gas

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