Leadership Featured Stories:

    • Rediscovering Black Gold

      by Howard Lim

      Black gold conjures a powerful image.  However, it’s not such a positive image.  But, why not?  Oil actually is ‘black gold’ after all. Many hear the word oil or see oil company logos and there’s often a negative connotation attached to it.  One might think of baby ducks drenched in a black liquid being washed in […]

    • I Am a Woman, and I Am a Leader

      by Linita E. Mathew

      “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” –Malala Yousafzai She raised her hand slowly and her voice even slower to reply “I Am Malala”. The young girl had no idea that her entire life was about to change from one response. It all happened so quickly, and before anyone could […]

    • Warren Macdonald Lost his Legs but he Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro Anyway!

      by Tina Olivero

      Rock climbing is his fascination. It’s been the place where he’s found his greatest wins and his greatest losses. It’s his place of connection, his place of peace, his church and his life’s adventure. It’s also the place he lost his legs and re-invented himself in a whole world of new possibilities. Warren Macdonald has […]

    • The Spirit Of Sustainability

      by Heather Rogan

      Sustainability: born of the Latin word ‘sustinere’, meaning to maintain, support or endure and often applied to the complex relationship between economy, society and environment. For many, sustainability is just another industry buzzword ladled out by people that used ‘synergy’ as they stomped on the interests of those who didn’t align with their way of […]

    • The Virgin Founder – Richard Branson

      by Alex Clark

      On the lessons of turning failure into success, the ice-bucket challenge and space travel. And what connects your life in business with your life in a balloon, as it were? A lot of things about adventuring are not that dissimilar to being an entrepreneur. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re trying to create things that have […]

    • 5 Global Energy Trends to Watch

      by Kali Taylor and Jenni Matchett

      Student energy recently checked in with students on five continents to see what the future leaders feel are the most important energy challenges and opportunities to keep an eye on. Their insights might surprise you… The Big Grid Shift The transformation of the electrical grid in the developed and developing world will dictate how our […]

    • The 7 Principles of a Sustainable Startup

      by Cameron Chell

      The Sustainable Startup methodology and ideals were born from the wins, losses, successes, and explosions that come with being an entrepreneur. As a serial entrepreneur, Cameron Chell understands all too well that even the most disruptive, game-changing ideas can end up with the lights going out on them. Ideas are easy, everyone around the world […]

    • Why the Oil and Gas Industry Can’t Ignore Social Media

      by Steve Everley

      Ask the average person on the street about social media, and he or she likely will admit to using it on occasion. Ask how that person uses it, and he or she will probably talk about keeping in touch with friends and relatives. How many use it for work? Not many. For most people, Twitter […]

    • The Power Of A Brand

      by Dean Paddock

      Most people would be surprised to learn that the energy industry, the technologies we develop, the processes we use, and the knowledge we employ is evolving as fast, if not faster, than our smartphones. That is something to pay attention to! Technology and innovation are changing and improving how we operate in the energy industry. […]

    • Networking: The Benefits Of An Ivy League Education

      by Tom Smith

      Ivy League universities are viewed as incredibly prestigious institutions, and their degrees are marks of distinction in a world saturated with university graduates. But what are the true benefits to obtaining an education from an Ivy League Institution? Do Ivy League degrees really merit all the deference they garner? Are they worth the big price […]

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