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    • LiFi – Wireless has seen the light!

      by Tina Olivero

      Can a lightbulb really give you wireless access?  In 2016, that’s the question of the day. Demand for data is on the rise. 
Our phones are it. We have over four billion cell phones in the world today and they have become an extension of who we are, from our fingers all the way into […]

    • 13 Traits – Recession Proof Business

      by Tina Olivero

      1. It is a time of dramatic change. One of the hardest things about tough economic times is not the recession itself,  but rather admitting that things have to change – and they have to change right now.  Economic downturns like the price of oil, means companies have to take radical action and dance with […]

    • Oil & Gas News: Discover The Pioneers & Visionaries

      by Tina Olivero

      The latest edition (Vol. 24 #4) of The OGM magazine is now available to view and read online – free! This Winter 2015 edition about Pioneers & Visionaries include: Global Oil Companies Invest – Proving Offshore Newfoundland is a Hot Spot Tony Tjan: Self Awareness = Successful Entrepreneurs Dr. Ian Gates: Looking for New Solutions […]

    • Ches Penney – Leader of Penney Group

      by Tina Olivero

      Ches Penney is a visionary who masterminded the Penney Group which is now one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s largest private commercial enterprises. Ches began his career in banking before entering the world of private business. His business interests have expanded to include a number of companies, covering everything from automobiles, heavy construction, concrete, energy services, […]

    • Carolann Harding: From Rejection to Success

      by Kalysha Snow

      Carolann Harding has overcome many obstacles in her career to get to the point of pursuing her passion. That passion is helping companies and entrepreneurs explore, grow and flourish. Stemming from a family of entrepreneurs, Harding has always had the motivation for success: “Motivation, I believe, comes from within,” she states. “I am a highly motivated […]

    • Marketing Lessons To Be Learned From Our Federal Election!

      by Nancy Boisvert

      Well, the longest federal election campaign in modern history is over! After 10 years in power, the governing Conservatives have been relegated to official opposition status and the Liberals rose from third-party status to a majority government, surfing on a red tide that was looking for change. The results have created a bit of uncertainty, […]

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