by Tina Olivero

    What does Anaconda Mining have to do with love?

    Serendipity is a pleasant surprise that comes into your life. It’s often one of those unexplained miracles where events culminate into a life-changing result.

    Here’s my serendipity story.

    It starts back when visionary miners at Anaconda Mining (TSX:ANX) took it upon themselves to mine gold in the rugged terrain of Newfoundland, Canada, just outside Baie Verte at the Point Rousse Project.

    Gold is typically the trusted currency in times of trouble. You can’t burn it, rip it up, or have it disappear on the internet like money. Rather, gold is a tangible, hard-core valuable commodity that is tradable in its real form and is known as one of the most valuable precious metals on Earth.

    The operator of the only gold mine in Atlantic Canada, Dustin Angelo is the CEO and visionary of Anaconda Mining. Dustin says, “Anaconda’s success is a testament to the people who work here. We have a unique culture, and it shows in our relationships with our employees and our suppliers. They know we’re committed to Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada.”

    The price of oil has declined, the US dollar is getting stronger, foreign currencies are getting weaker. All of these variables and others have led to the rise in the price of gold, which at the time of publishing was selling at $1,500 Cdn. an ounce. The good news is, when gold succeeds in the market, gold mining companies like Anaconda Mining succeed as well.

    Anaconda Mining

    Currently there are approximately two-and-a-half years left of mine life at the Pine Cove pit; however, the company has engaged in a $2 million exploration program that is showing great promise to expand the life of the project. Infrastructure including an operating mill, tailings capacity, and port facility means there are endless opportunities to consider for future growth.

    Dustin says, “We recently encountered high-grade intercepts at the Argyle Zone, which is very close to the Pine Cove Mill. These are the best drill results that we have seen on the peninsula to date. The mineralized system at Argyle is open in all directions and shows great potential. This is the type of mineralization that may help us increase production and extend project life.”

    Anaconda’s Newfoundland Gold is mined at the Pine Cove Pit and processed at the Pine Cove Mill. Ore is processed to extract the gold, and then “dore gold bars” are poured on site. Dore bars have some trace metals like silver and copper in them. The gold dore bars then go to the Canadian Mint for further refining and sale.

    The Golden Tulip

    Pure gold presents itself in a range of yellow tones. 24K gold is a darker yellow and most often seen in jewelry in the Middle Eastern parts of the world. And then there’s gold in the newer varieties, white and rose gold.

    Colored gold is a unique and creative process developed by the jeweler and is made by blending alloys. Although I, for obvious reasons that will be explained later, lean towards white gold, Terry George uses all three colours to create the Legacy Collection sold at his business, The Golden Tulip, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. As the exclusive jeweler for Anaconda Mining, the new Legacy Collection is crafted entirely using Newfoundland gold!

    Artisans Terry and Julia George, founders of the business, celebrate this place we call home through The Golden Tulip by creating some of the most beautiful jewelry pieces that the province has to offer.

    Terry is fond of telling the story of how he arrived in Newfoundland. He is a master goldsmith who began his apprenticeship at a young age in his hometown of London, England. He worked there for some years in Hatton Gardens, the hub of London’s busy jewelry district alongside some of the best jewelers in the world. Terry talks about his serendipity experience. “Things took an unexpected turn when I met my future wife, Julia, in Spain. We fell in love and within a year returned to Julia’s home in Newfoundland to get married. That was 35 years ago! With Julia’s background in art and graphic design, it wasn’t long before we were designing and making unique jewelry of our own.”

    Julia shares her love of the province. “Newfoundland is part of who we are. It’s in our DNA. That’s why when the opportunity arose to design a collection using Newfoundland gold; we jumped at the chance. It gives each piece we create that much more meaning and authenticity. Using diamonds from some of the best cutters in the world, the Legacy Collection is inspired by nature, our unique culture, and the rugged beauty that surrounds us. We have named our engagement rings after some of the romantic place names of Newfoundland like the Hearts Content Ring, and we even have one called the St. John’s Waltz!”

    Given Terry’s expertise and Julia’s flair for design, it was always their intention to create something quite out of the ordinary when compared to other commercial jewelry stores. They wanted to offer their customers the kind of jewelry normally only found in some of the best design houses in the world, and that’s what they accomplished with the Legacy Collection…and for me, most especially, the Heart’s Content Ring!

    Golden Tulip

    The Romantic Engagement

    This is where my serendipity happened. In 2016, a long time coming, at the age of 53, I met the man of my dreams.

    After many years of thinking, “this is never going to happen” and feeling a little disillusioned about love, right out of nowhere there he was, in my gym.

    It was immediate. We both knew it was a magical, serendipitous match made in heaven. We loved being healthy, we enjoyed the arts, we were go-getters, both parents, we had a lot of fun together, and we loved this place we call home, Newfoundland.

    On Christmas Eve of 2016, Tony Cranford asked me to marry him. Down on one knee, Tony proposed with the most beautiful elegant ring I have ever seen. A ring that meant so much to both of us because it was made from our home “the rock.”

    Sculptured out of Newfoundland White Gold by Terry George, my ring is part of the Hearts Content, Legacy Collection from the Golden Tulip.

    This ring was not only a symbol of commitment and promise of a life of love, but it was also the foundation of who we are as Newfoundlanders.

    My father passed away a few years back, and more than anything I wish he could have met Tony. But now I realize he may have picked out the perfect man for me and sent him my way from the heavens. My father, Bob Olivero’s favorite expression, which is now permanently tattooed on my arm said, “This is all a part of life’s rich pattern.” And so it is.

    Oh, and did I mention that Lynn Hammond, Anaconda Mining’s communications representative who assisted with this story, just happens to be Tony’s distant cousin. Serendipity!

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