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    Geothermal in the Oil Field

    The Next Emerging-Energy Market.

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    Geothermal in the Oil field – How? استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية المملكة المتحدةäre-optionen-bei-der-sparkasse binäre optionen bei der sparkasse

    EGS is the most challenging of the geothermal resources in terms of up-front capital costs and well completions; however, it can benefit greatly from proven technology and practices of the oil and gas industry. EGS involves hydraulically fracturing the rock to allow injected water to flow through the rock formation, heat up, and then be pumped to the surface in a production well. EGS has high-drilling costs because of the need for two wells (injection and production), and the hydraulic fracturing needed for the system requires the casings to withstand very high pressures and temperatures.

    Benefits to Oil and Gas cose il trading binario Incorporating geothermal in the oil field maximizes return on investment by using existing infrastructure longer and more efficiently, by reducing dependency on the electricity grid, by lowering oilfield electricity costs, by minimizing decommissioning costs, and by reducing carbon emissions.

    A single megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity generated from geothermal water (rather than diesel) will reduce carbon dioxide emission by 760 kg. Over the course of a single year, assuming 90 per cent capacity factor (and geothermal is usually more on the order of 95 per cent), a typical 1MW plant reduces annual carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 metric tons. As of 2011, the U.S. has about 3,100 MW of installed geothermal electricity, which translates into about 18.6 million metric tons of mitigated CO2 emissions.

    Learn About the Geothermal Solution in June طريقة سهلة لكسب المال السريع The SMU Geothermal Laboratory will host its fifth international conference dedicated to Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil & Gas Development June14-15 on the SMU campus in Dallas. Leaders in technology, resource development and finance from geothermal and oil and gas industries attend this conference for the networking opportunities necessary for successful project development. This year the SMU Geothermal Laboratory is also offering a half-day Geothermal 101 short-course on June 13th.

    This focused two-day conference brings together leaders from both business and research to discuss specific issues relevant to expanding geothermal electrical production in oil and gas fields. It is a remarkable opportunity for oil and gas companies to have a new stream of revenue for low-yield producers or initial high-water volumes. Participants can learn how to take these wells and instead of abandoning them, energize them with geothermal power.

    Online registration is available at and early registration rates are available through May 20, 2011. For more information about the conference, contact Cathy Chickering at 214.768.1510 or

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